yong tahu


Eh, just now I saw a comment recommending a YONG TAHU stall. But then after I approved it, it disappeared. Hmm..Too many comments that I need to search one by one to find that particular one. But anyway, those who ask for the NIANG DOUFU at clementi , here it is:http://www.linamasrina.com/2008/08/hakka-niang-doufu.html For BAGUS LAMIAN YONG …

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Hakka Niang doufu

Dajie Niang doufuClementi ave 2 #01-253Block 354.(near/behind Darussalam Mosque)(2 shops away from the Evertop boneless chicken rice) This eatery was featured in the Malay newspaper.. Anyway, this is the first time, I ‘ve tasted Hakka Yong taufu. They were fried again (including the bittergourd) the seaweed and the button mushroom which were either soaked in …

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