Road trip day 5-Langkawi ,Padang Besar (thai), Alor Setar,Penang

Mahsuri’s City/tomb When I reached here, an elder amongst us had already warned us not to be “celupar”.(shoot words without thinking) As I reached there, there is a sudden fragrance. Quite faint. I just kept mum. As I visit her tomb, the hairs on my arms stood still. Again, I kept mum. Then after we …

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Visiting Bangkok?

Travelling to Bangkok, but do not know what to expect, gather info here!!! Hotels near to chatuchak aka JJ weekend market. Halal food in Bangkok? No problem, click HERE! and HERE!Need to pray? (normally there is HALAL food stalls nearby)1)Bang Luang Mosque2)Darussalam Mosque,Nong chok District3)Darul Muttageen Mosque Last but not least, learn THAI language here.. …

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