Blessed Ramadan

I love Ramadan month because it’s a time for purification.  Fasting for a month from dawn till sunrise, clearing our bodies from toxicity and making them healthier.  And not only that, fasting includes with heart, mind and spiritual. And abstaining from the non-positive like gossiping and watching drama.  And night, it’s time to focus our …

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BIG Challenge: Bryan is fasting thru out the Ramadan month?

Countries: Singapore and Malaysia Recently, we were busy travelling to and fro Singapore and Malaysia for work. A week before Ramadan, Bryan told me his intention: He said he wanted to fast.  I acknowledged his initiative and embraced his suggestion. But when he told me that he was going to do it for the whole Ramadan month, I was …

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Ramadan is near..

Assalamualaikum.I am stopping over Singapore for awhile before my next journey. Insya-Allah I will not do the Ramadan series this year. But nevertheless, I did some food blogging just for you. Hope you will enjoy it!. Any Ramadan offers or promotions that you have or chanced upon, feel free to share it at www.facebook.com/putriberendamfans All …

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