In Singapore, there are lots of HALAL Pizza.. The popular Pizza eateries/deliveries:PIZZA HUT -TEL:62353535CaNADIAN PIZZA-tel:62410241RITE PIZZA -TEL:68993838OISHI PIZZA-TEL:555 5656PELICAN PIZZA -different AREAS , different no..NEW YORK PIZZA NO DELIVERY/CASH AND CARRY!SARPINOS pizza -different AREAS , different no. I have tasted only PIZZA HUT, CANADIAN,RITE PIZZA and SARPINOS…SEDAP are PIZZA HUT and SARPINOS but costly, moderate …

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Pizza Burger ?!!

Updated 2010: NO longer Halal? Do check the authenticity of the Halal cert display (if any) whenever wherever before ordering/consumption. Pizza burger from New york Pizza .$3.90 It’s a bread bun size of a palm that has cheese, tomato paste and mince meat baked’s a PIZZA inside a bun. This pizza stall is located …

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