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Plaza Singapura-$7.90+ Pizza hut lunch promotion

Around 11.30am, I was here at Plaza Singapura..all dressed up with my lucky boots…Sudden craving for pizza… Wanted to go to Pastamania but it was dimly lit and the staff were discussing something…kinda like a meeting..then i proceed to Pizza hut.. A staff greeted me warmly and brightly…I was the only customer..and I believe they …

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In Singapore, there are lots of HALAL Pizza.. The popular Pizza eateries/deliveries:PIZZA HUT -TEL:62353535CaNADIAN PIZZA-tel:62410241RITE PIZZA -TEL:68993838OISHI PIZZA-TEL:555 5656PELICAN PIZZA -different AREAS , different no..NEW YORK PIZZA NO DELIVERY/CASH AND CARRY!SARPINOS pizza -different AREAS , different no. I have tasted only PIZZA HUT, CANADIAN,RITE PIZZA and SARPINOS…SEDAP are PIZZA HUT and SARPINOS but costly, moderate …

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