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Road trip day 2-Perlis/Wang Kelian/2 bazaars (part 3)

Then we found another bazaar, night BAZAAR , bigger version… Clone Durian anyone? Stinky beans….the black “peas” looking thing is called various names “cerdas” in some places. It is like petai + jering. heheh! Powerful combination and combustion later on…hehe! These crabs are so colourful. Coincidentally I get to eat it later on the next …

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Kunyit Durian?

When i first heard about its name “Kunyit durian”, i said “eeeww”…If u wonder why…. Kunyit is another name for tumeric. Yes the yellowish powdery form used in marinating chicken, cooking curry and stuff. So u can understand why such combination will create a yucky feeling… But I try it anyway…hehehe…out of Curiousity …. One …

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