nasi padang

Beach Road..

$1 for freshly squeezed Sugar cane juice and $1.20 with added lemon. Very SHIOK! Very creamy and best of all it has been “filtered” thoroughly so that there wont be anything stuck @ ur throat! BEST of sugarcane! It’s on the 2nd floor near the chinese food stalls (not the soup tulang floor.)The BIG SIDE …

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Asam pedas fish head

I love authentic ASAM pedas. My favourite is of course my mama’s cooking.Below is from my favourite stall- Nasi Bawean (near Mustafa centre) This is my favourite asam pedas fish head This is my bawal (white pomfret) asam pedas… my “asal-boleh” asam pedas…(i’m not so sure about the quantity used cause I just “gasak” follow …

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