nasi padang

Balinese food.Yum?

Hey, got this from the comments…(sorry for late response, I’m working thru all the comments from recent first, bear with me,ok?)Dear Putri,Pleased to let you and your fans know I recently opened a Halal Balinese restaurant (UBUD) at 793 Bukit Timah Rd,#01-01. For details pls visit Do drop by!

My last post before my flight…

Ok I need to fly to somewhere…. but before that , let me leave u with some fish bones from my favourite ASAM FISH and CELOK fish stall… hehhe! Very clean isnt it? Better than cats? hehhe! Try guessing… where is it from? Simple yet fulfilling meal…. total only $6 for 2 people. Burp!