Tico is LIFE!

If u watched Ugly Betty season 3, u will see a familiar fruit being the main story in this episode. One of the model “Adrianan Lima” said that “Tico berry ( fictitious name) is one wonder fruit that make her the way she is today, her beauty ,flawless skin everything..” Read about the episode here: …

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Ajwa Dates

Ajwa dates aka the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) dates is one of the expensive dates around. U dont have to go to Mecca or Medina to get some, u can get them at Joo chiat level one or at Arab street. For half kilo it costs about $38. I’ve found out that this is …

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Strawberry farm directions

Thousand apologies… I saw a comment , tried to find it but seems lost. If I’m not wrong the reader ask for the directions to Strawberry farm… (older access) (newer access) I think I use the older access….hmm…. There are many strawberries farm, Raju, Kasimanis, Healthy strawberry farm….See my older post:


Cheng Xing Fresh Fruit juiceSeah Imm Hawker Centre#01-40(behind the teh tarek stall nearest to the mrt) No, not ABC beer or Air Batu campur/chendul (Malaysian ice kacang) but Beetroot(its not yucky at all!) and other fruits mixed into one YUMMY REFRESHING rejuvenating JUICE! for only $2. I can see the stall owners are quite generous …

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Going NUTTY?

FAVE-the dried fruits and nuts people16 New Industrial Road,Hudson technocentre, #01-02, Singapore 536204. Tel : (65) 6383 2094Fax : (65) 6282 7728Email : Receive this pack from an organisation recently. Very healthy snacks…one packet contains of skinless nuts, soyabeans, raisins…To know more about dried fruits and nuts benefits, click here Can order online thru …

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