favourite blogs

RUDE,bad singaporeans, WATCH OUT!

Some fascinating blogs I’ve read showing the ugly side of singaporeans… For those who are guilty of these crimes, why not take a peek? who knows u might be “notoriously famous” in some of these blogs… Bad Drivers In SingaporeBad HabitComplains.sgCycling in SingaporeHighway of LifeLemniscates are ForeverParking Idiots In SingaporePlease Park ProperlyRude SingaporeansUgly Singaporeans

My favourite MAKAN blogs…

These are some of my favourites…(I cannot put at the side links because I love to change blog skins like snake change theirs. So later all will disappear..) Just in case, u have no idea what to eat..I love their super delicious crispy images…(professionally done) 1. ieatishootipost2.Keropok Man