Dendeng and rendang buns @Siti’s Delights bakery

I was looking for another bakery with Halal Tiramisu but found this instead.I find the name familiar…perhaps from the newspaper.But then as I enter, it was a half bakery half mini office cum baking course centre.hmm…very entrepreneurial.. Ok, remember the sweet lady judge at the Chef contest in Suria and the latest cooking show I …

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HALAL BAk-kwa?!

DDHS Dendeng House TEH TAREK coffeeshop beside Joo Chiat /DArul Arqam near HAig Road Hawker centreEh, no, not BAK-KWA pork but DENDENG..a HALAL version of beef bakkwa. Normally, I have to wait till fasting month for this special delicacy. But now, just hop on to a bus to Geylang and u can start munching on …

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