Ramadan 2010-Heng's Cake Shop (wholesale)

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored What am I doing at this Blk 23 Defu Lane 10 in this chilling drizzly morning? Im not sure either. Im kinda feigning ignorance to my appointment book. Its bustling with appointments (alhamdulillah),Im happy,belly-full… but it’s weather of cool lazyness makes me very sleepy and I have an appointment with an wholesale …

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Dendeng and rendang buns @Siti’s Delights bakery

I was looking for another bakery with Halal Tiramisu but found this instead.I find the name familiar…perhaps from the newspaper.But then as I enter, it was a half bakery half mini office cum baking course centre.hmm…very entrepreneurial.. Ok, remember the sweet lady judge at the Chef contest in Suria and the latest cooking show I …

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Rotterdam part 8-Let’s splash to the BEACH! (Hoek van Holland)

Poffetjes for breakfast .They are bite-sized dutch pancakes.Very spongy, light weight. Just spread some butter ,powdery sugar /maple syrup or any other syrups…more fresh farm strawberries and whipped cream. my roomies mashed up crazy frenzy breakfast..heheh! Cracker with brie cheese….favourite snacks. (what is it doing on breakfast table?) After breakfast, we decided to head to …

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Carrefour Bakery no HALAL logo?

A reader informed me that the bakery in Carrefour supermarket has no HALAL certificate/logo at the moment and when asked, they said it’s “under process”. So do take note. Ensure the HALAL certificate is being displayed and the logos are on all the bakery products/any products that u want to buy, k? (Zach, thanks!)