About Lina

It all begins with the restless feet eager to start their own adventures alongside curious tummy and a very colourful imagination armed with a strong belief that everything is possible…. 

Putri-berendam.blogspot.com started as a humble Halal food blog in 2007. Founded by Lina Masrina, a Singaporean who is also a global citizen, someone with a passion of travelling the world in search of her 2 loves – Halal food and people of the world.

Lina (aka *Putri Berendam) started out uncovering local street food, restaurants/eateries in her hometown with her loved ones in Singapore.

Next, she proceed on with road trips thru Malaysia and Thailand. Soon after, her hunger and curiosity spurred her passion further to travel solo for this quest.

End of 2010-early 2013, Lina left for her solo World Tour ; covering Asia, Europe, Africa, America and also the Oceania region.

This blog became popular and was featured in many medias; magazines, newspapers, digests, TV (US and Singapore) and many more.

In 2010, WorldHalalQuest was born. She received numerous invites worldwide to travel and eat in restaurants, street food eateries and hotels of the world. From typical to bizarre food like snails, porcupines and even horseshoe crabs to “pure darkness dining” …

As long as it’s Halal, she will say YES!

She then became one of the top Halal food travel editor in the world who has travelled 38 countries.

The 38 countries that she has visited are:
Jerusalem, Jordan, Saudi, UAE ,China (and Tibet), Brunei, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Maldives, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, America, India, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Luxembourg, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Monaco and Korea.

Her youtube channel has garnered up to 141,000 local and international viewers. And her blog has millions of readers.

She has been ambassador of various products and as a successful single mom entrepreneur role model.

Meanwhile in between her travels, she participates in self-development programs locally and internationally. She also volunteers and has worked with various phenomenal speakers and trainers of the world which includes Les Brown, Sir Richard Branson, Blaire Singer, Robert Riopel, Nic Vujicic,  and many more in Singapore and globally.

Her global mentors:
T.Harv Eker Quantum Leap Family
Executive Coach International Family
Blaire Singer Sales Dogs/Train the Trainer/Master Facilitator
Money and You Family
Law Of Attraction Practitioners
Ho’oponopono Practitioners
Love Warrior Family
Millionaire Investing Program Family
Property Investment Program Family
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Family
Alkuliyyah Tahfiz school
Darul Quran (tahfiz Quran & Hadiths)
Quranic healing
Madinah University
T.M Fouzy
Converts Association
Quranic Teachers

Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brendan Burchard
Robert Riopel, Les Brown, Dame DC Cordova, Gerry Robert, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Shakti Gawain, Arielle Ford, Dr. Lara & Johnny Fernandez, Jerome Tan, Wendy Kwek, Clive Tan, Ken Chee, AR Ramesh Nambiar, Azeeza Jalaludeen, Simon Lim, Rabiatul Sherida & Adam, Sharifah Fazzeleen, Zaid Masagos, Suria Mohd, Abang Abu, Fadzuli
And many more beautiful teachers of the world… known or not known.

In 2015, LinaMasrina.Com was born. Her “halal” journey has come to an end.

She realised that her life is the happiest when she travels and so she decides to pursue what really matters to her. Not saving the world but just focusing on self happyness and fulfillment-by simply traveling and enjoying the beauty of everything as her life unfolds miraculously everyday.

She stumbled upon healing thru out her journey (even as a child) but she never took them seriously until her life was shredded by the many wounds she hid. While on a retreat in Bali, she was asked to learn and perform healing professionally. Following her heart, she agreed. Ever since embracing the new door of the unknown and opportunity, it felt like healing has always been second nature to her. (Her story here)

She travels the world often and work with the locals wherever she go with whatever gifts she has and can offer. She also conducts local workshops and programs in life development sharing her life and travel experiences as a spontaneous love traveler, heart healer/coach/facilitator and soul writer/author who has now traveled to 47 countries.

She hopes that whatever she do, it can help shed some light to lives of like-minded people and vice-versa with love.

Her family is very important to her. Her kids has travelled 15 countries with her (since they were in her tummies).

She is open to all opportunities concerning love.

Now she travels to spread LOVE around the world anyway she can and ignite the love that is within. Love that can heals everything. Love that can accelerate manifestations using law of attractions. Love that can remove all blocks to your happiness and being the love that you are.


She has worked with some of the wealthiest, some of the top management people, world coaches and everyone in between including random strangers she meet everywhere. She has visited homes around the world, some fancy, some humbling, but all taught her that everything is connected and love.

She has learnt the art of healing since the age of 19 from Quranic healing, new age (Louise Hay, EFT, Theta, Larry Crane, Silva, Dr. John Gray etc) to ancient techniques in Bali (ATS) and Hawaiian Ho’oponopono method, certified practitioner and trainer.

She helps people who needs alternative healing to their dis-eases (including depression, slipped discs, stressed, suicidal, broken hearts, fear, trauma etc) using the power of love within themselves.

Motivate youths to empower their own lives and others using positive affirmations and creative visualizations.

Work with leaders of the world , business owners, CEOs, management, entrepreneurs, even star celebrities and helps clear blocks to success, love, joy, health and abundance, find their heart and soul of business, soul mission etc.

Empower women to be their feminine selves and… achieve greatness including the love they desire and happiness

work with the men to unlock their masculine selves while balancing it all to achieve the love they desire.

As an empath and indigo child , she is intuitive and has come out of her spiritual closet in 2016 and helped parents with their “challenging kids” often labelled as ADD or OCD. Often these kids are also indigo children who have troubled fitting in because they are sensitive to the world. Read more here.

She also worked with soulmates and twin flames and has successfully helped and unite connections of love while enabling the love to flourish be it between couples or singles.

Everyone is welcome.

Her fees range from one to one consultations, group coachings, healing workshops to house visits anywhere in the world ($350-$3500 hourly not including flights, accommodations etc).

Any engagement, both local and internationally, do contact her thru linamasrina gmail.

*She was popular as “Putri Berendam” back then, which has dual meaning -taken from one of her favourite Malay Kuih and at the same time it also revealed her favourite past time-soaking, wading, swimming in the sea, pool, river ..and anything that has water..etc 

note: Lina wanted this blog to be part of her legacy of empowerment, and hope that it lives on decades or even centuries after her stay on earth. Unsure if her domain: linamasrina.com will continue, or if anyone wants to manage it by then. But if linamasrina.com is non-exist, go straight to the origin: putri-berendam.blogspot.com to read its content…which is the actual URL.
Have an amazing life. 
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