Women VS Men. Who are better?

A decade ago, my answer might be different.

I grew up thinking girls and women are a rare breed. Aliens. I adopt mostly masculine attributes to separate myself from them but not balanced enough to call myself a man.

Since childhood, I was never a part of “the girls”. Probably due to the estranged beliefs I adopted growing up. Thinking that being a girl is so emotional, dramatic, full of gossips, betrayal, jealousy and so confusingly complicated and probably due to that assumed they were weaker than boys.

I have always been observing them all. My grand mother, mother, aunties, cousins, neighbours, friends, classmates, teachers, colleagues, mentors… I observed like an outsider looking in.

Through it all, I carried a blanket of denial. It was truly heavy.

I thought what “majority of the world” (my illusions of my world) believes: men are more powerful, intelligent, stronger, successful, capable, deserves the best what the world can offer etc …is my truth.

Now, I no longer was blinded by it. I believe both genders are equally amazing and wonderful. Both have its merits and demerits. And I also believe that we need each other.

I believe that each of us have our own polarities of masculine and feminine within. And if each of us learn/unlearn to balance it well within ourselves then the collective masculine and feminine will be balanced as well.

I’m not truly bothered with the question, who is better… men or women.

I’m bothered that women often seeks approval from the outside world to live the life they truly deserve.

Seeking approval from parents, families, spouses, children, bosses, its a never ending cycle…

It saddens me that women all of ages (not all;)) are not taught to be able to give themselves their own permission to just BE. Just be and fully embrace themselves. The precious diamonds that we all are.

It is said that “behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

I wanna say… there is a woman in front of them too… their mothers. Their mothers who unconditionally go through heaven and hell in the 9 months to give birth to them. And later a lifetime to be there for them (not all)…

So whenever you (women/girls)… feel unworthy and seek approval from others to do or be whatever you wanna be…

Remember, who gave birth to amazing men and women of the world?

and that is one of our many many gifts …

We are precious beyond words.

Thank you, women, girls of the world…

Thank you for doing your best to love your life the way you know how and be you…
every single day.

God bless us all.

And to further immerse ourselves with our own awesomeness…

Take a look at this and complete it…

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