After 40, feeling empty?

You are not alone…

Some called it “spiritual puberty”…similar to dark night of soul but less extreme (for me).

I’ve reached the age of 40 and feeling all sorts of colourful emotions, lately.

Doing my best to understand what this new path may be but sadly to say, some days… are unlike any other…

I felt some kind of emptiness, questioning everything that stood before me, and many more.

It’s like “purging”, a cleansing of some sort. And invitation to look deeper and heal some unresolved issues.

The mind meanwhile raced to understand the fast pace of life, one has left behind and the milestones achieved. Wondering whether, to make bombastic changes, grasp the remainder of life has to offer or just surrender and let it engulf self to surrender.

What used to matter lots seems like a frivolous fancy waste of time.

Questions bubbled up constantly….

Why do we need to justify our existence?

Do we need to have some sense of purpose and Mission to prove our own worthiness of life on earth?

Do read this article…

Believe it or not, there is a blessing for this emptiness…

and its best to “savour” that emptiness than filling it up in the hope of expediting the process…

read these for more info…

Whatever it is, gather support from like-minded loved ones if you feel the need.

Get professional help when it gets out of hand but mainly be gentle with self and listen with all your senses.

The solution is always within.
Ask with love.

I do hope, me sharing my experience helps shed some light to other souls’ journeys as well…

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