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From the conversations in this blog (Thank you fans for supporting one another!) , I noticed that my favorite Malay Chicken Rice has moved. But I was travelling and was not able to check them out. Since I am currently in Singapore, I decided to update my tastebuds with their whereabouts.
I went to the Peace Centre as suggested by the fans, but I was dismayed when the Alright Cafeteria had changed to Mia Banana Leaf Nasi padang.

I even went to its surrounding buildings such as Parklane and POMO to confirm that it definitely has “disappeared” and not just possibility of wrong address.

It was quite tiring especially during lunch hours, I had to dodge many “human traffic jams”, cos many students and nearby office workers came down in throngs towards other cafeterias like Isle and Putri Hayyu.

I rested for a day before I checked up with the owner itself-Mat Noh. I guess somewhere amongst my many databases, there must be his number somewhere. He replied me that very same day. He told me that they have moved back to Whampoa but to the hawker centre.

Yipee! Mat Noh has moved back to its roots (although it’s not the same). I reckon other fans like me will be happy to know that they have moved back near its original site.

So I went down for a chow down. They served Malay breakfast fares in the earlier part of the morning like Mee Goreng etc.

I reached by 11 am. There were few before me but most ordered in bulks. One was waiting for their food for a feast. Judging from the loads of food, I bet they are catering from Mat Noh.

I have to wait 10mins as most chicken and spare parts were already sold out.
My heart was delighted to wait cos then it’s gonna be a fresh batch of fried chickens (garing dan rangup) yippee.

As my ten minutes are up, I noticed lots of Chinese came to queue as well. I bet their fame has reached far and wide as compared when I first discovered them probably 4-5 years or perhaps before that? (My kids were very tiny back then going to a nearby Mosque madrasah)

I collected my food and took some snapshots and videos before finally eating them.

My verdict: It’s not fair to compare to my old memories in Lorong Limau because back then the owner and staff were plenty and they were more relaxed. This time it’s only two people in the stall and Mat Noh seems very busy almost short handed.

But nevertheless, I will voice my opinions.

The fried chickens are as good- crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I remember their slogan previously was-They use only fresh local chickens. I suspect it’s the same thing for this one.
I can smell hints of ginger and garlic not just by noticing it’s fried skins but one can smell it in its marinations alongside other spices.

The “bishop noses” (tongkeng) and fried skins were sold out. The leftover spare parts were the fried chicken skins, necks, livers and gizzards.

I used to finish them all in one sitting but this time round, the liver and gizzards were too tough and dry for my taste.

The rice is lightly fragrant and is grainy somewhat like Basmati rice.

Soup is ok. I like the chilli sauce and it’s spicy soya sauce.

Overall, I have to bring down the rate from previous 5 to 4 stars.

But it feels good to have the old Mat Noh chicken back in the Whampoa region. I always craved for it whenever I touch down after travelling the world because it brings back the Beautiful memories of the “Malay” rendition of fried chickens (ayam berempah) in my own extended family when my grandmas were still around.

I did a short on-the go video using my iPhone 5s:

Do checkout it out and comment. Also do subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

There you have it!
I may be all over the world but I do take note of my fans cravings and queries. Thank you for supporting one another and thank you for supporting me and my website all these years. You are the “heart” of what and why I do this.


Stall Name: Mat Noh and Rose ginger fried chicken rice.
Address: Block 91,Whampoa Drive,#01-27, Hawker Centre. Singapore 320091
Best time to visit for Chicken rice:11am-3pm.
Sunday closed.

P.s: I bet they open earlier, do check with owner/staff and do compliment our hawkers on their beautiful effort in feeding us the best tasting food. Motivate them and spur them in their journey. It’s not easy to setup your own food business.

Also my taste may not speaks for your own food journey. Go there and prove me wrong. Whatever it is, be responsible for your own halal-ness and food intake and experiences.
Have a Yummilicious day!

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