10 things you may/may not know about Lina Masrina.

“She is unlike any I have known, either you love her, or you leave her be… She follows her heart in everything she do and happyness is utmost important to her…”  
– a friend of 10 years who do not want his name mentioned,ever… in this blog.
10) She don’t and she won’t bring back any souvenirs from her travels even if you are close to her. She will ask you to get your own souvenirs by buying the flight ticket to that destination yourself. To her, the best souvenir is by experiencing the country yourself. But if you happen to get some souvenirs, thank your lucky stars cos probably fairy godmother is her personal assistant that day or her family especially her kind hearted parents visited her and decided to drop some trinkets for her friends to enjoy.
“I’ve done my fair share of trudging with loads of various requests from friends and families and the load amazingly increase after every travel. I dont mind carrying it thru for love but when I experienced colourful disappointments of buying the wrong stuff and not understanding their “requirements”, I gave up.

To travel and be in constant reminder of things you need to buy and at the same time, doing the bestest of not creating disappointments back home, is too much to handle.”

9) She is not ticklish. Poke her in any way, even her feet are not ticklish to her. Perhaps if you pay her, she might pretend to be ticklish.

“I think I have a thick skin beneath the skin that normal people have.” Lol.

8)Her favorite superhero is superman. Unlike girls her own age, she does not want to be rescued but instead she wants to rescue others. She watched Christopher Reeve over and over again in hope that his super powers will land in Asia and ended up in her.

7) The fleshy chicken thigh meat of her favorite fried chicken is not her No.1 favorite but in actual fact, the white cartilage in between meat and bones are her favorite so much so she broke her molars gnawing happily on them. It cost her a whooping $400, ouch! Painful than the real pain itself.

6) When she is happy, you hear lots of sounds (she hums too) from her even her tummy. When she is quiet, stay away. Either she is hungry or she is in a cloudy mood or perhaps, she is busy engaging in some form of inner subconscious “cinema”.

Entice her or disengage her and get her attention with a good quality, i repeat good quality ice-cream (that cost at least $13+ per pint like Ben and Jerry’s) and she may be consoled. If not, throw her a bone and let her gnaw it quietly in peace , in her own time and day.

5) She sees words differently than anyone else. To her, words are people. The more, the merrier. In a text message, she can compose an essay. In an email, she can compose a short story. Its a wonder how she actually limit herself to twitter, weekly. Amazing feat really.

4) When she was born, she was well-known thru out the village as the superstar singer. Everyday after sunset, she starts crying her own tune till morning. Everyone has tried to pacify or humor or “medicate” or “rename” (really ah?)her until they decided to let it go and enjoy her “singing ability”. This goes on for years.

3)She is a curious child. She eats everything in her way when she was a toddler. She tried eating ZEST soap when she was in middle school because the smell is so wonderful to her. Even now, she still has this habit of experimenting the world thru her mouth. So please keep anything that smells good away from her before she visits.(even your pet cat, we don’t want any accidents to happen. Don’t trigger her).

2) Before she graduated, for fun, she applied to be air stewardess in SIA but she was told that she was too short (minimum height requirement that time was 1.58m and she is 1.63m). Her friends were shocked. She did get in other airlines but when she found out that she had to serve alcoholic beverages, she gave up that whole career idea.

1)The smell of freshly cooked rice and freshly baked bread can drive her nuts with anticipation and happyness. She will invite herself in for dinner if that is what you are serving.

Revealed by her bestest friend in the world, her closest ultimate soulmate, the one she has to wake up with everyday of her life… ME!  *grins.

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