We have reached 1 million…2 years ago.



(its never too late to celebrate,ok?)

Truthfully, I lost count. Either 2-4 years ago. I actually bring down my blog for few years when I was on a “hiatus” traveling the world.

Actual number: 1,325,471.
But nevertheless, Alhamdulillah.

For once, while I was “grounded” here in Singapore, I noticed something BIG!

This site has reached 1million views while I was away travelling the world. (I was on a 3 year hiatus, remember?World tour and the 27 countries within 16 months thingy challenge)

The myriad of people visiting this blog is fascinatingly…amazing. I cannot believe that my number 1 fans are Singaporeans.

Thank you, I love you all!! Food and travel are indeed in our blood.
Number 2 fans are unexpectedly…from… Guesslah…. Americans.

Then Europe yahoo!!
And fourth is from Malaysians. Guess what’s the number? 101,025.

And I did not notice the readerships until I have the chance to migrate the blog from blogger to wordpress, recently.

And then off I went travelling ten countries this year and I forgot all about it totally. I was reminded by a like-minded traveller about celebrating the “successes” of our life no matter how big or small, today.

And I remembered this….victory!! And this is a whopping BIG success!! woohoo!!

Alhamdulillah. I am thankful for this success. Its no small feat, any blogger can tell you that.
Investments include-Lots of tears (initially, when you first start out, many people say NO to you but so what, I continued anyway), blood (mosquito bites,falling off the slippery slopes etc), energy (travelling and all that chewing the gorgeous food), money spent were many digits(hand and toes included..but when one is passionate, money spent keep coming back in double,tripple amount..such a awonderful world of abundance) and definitely lots of priceless memories..and love from all the people I met online or in person, known or unknown….

I really cherish everybody for supporting me with their love. I may not know you personally but whenever I write something, I think of you, always. Thank you.I love you. God bless.

In gratitude,
Lina Masrina.

p.s: Sometimes, when I travel too much , the mind is adapting and working so hard in its journey of its spontaneity that I tend to neglect something important back home, close to my heart….

So learn from my lesson, k?
Whatever it is, celebrate every life’s success, k?

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