Law of Attraction Secret No.4-How to travel whenever wherever like Lina

Law of Attraction: Tip No.4 you must know- What we want must resonate well with us.

Whatever that we want cannot manifest if we ourselves are not in sync with it.

What it means is basically- your inner and outer being has to feel happy with your intention (dream/goal).

For example, if you want to achieve a 6 figure income but somehow you yourself are waging a war against it without you knowing, it’s gonna be tough.  Going to and fro between yes and no eventually it might not manifest.

Perhaps, there are still some deep seated limitation beliefs still not replaced with positive ones or you may not know of its existence. It may also be a childhood memory of some sort. It can be of various reasons.

You got to check in with yourself whether there are any resistance within you whenever you think about your dream.

To check in with yourself is simply by quieting your mind and ask yourself.

Ask your higher self and wait for the answer. The answer may come to you in all kinds of forms. It may come in an hour or maybe next week. It may come in a dream, from someone, synchronicity and many more. Whatever it is, have faith that the answer will show up.

Resistance can be due to lack of faith. 
Yes one needs to dream big but if the faith is not there, grow it by building it up bit by bit.

Perhaps start with a 4 or 5 digit income.

Whatever figure that makes your heart sings and your whole being agreeable.

That’s it.
Have fun manifesting!

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