Law of Attraction Secret No.2 – How to travel whenever wherever like Lina

Law of Attraction-Tip No.2 You Must Know: Keywords- easily and effortlessly

Being newly certified advanced law of attraction coach, it felt like I was given a new powerful wand.

Actually you don’t need to get certified for law of attraction (loa). Because law of attraction is about the life you lead. Law of attraction coaches-Their real lives are testimonies to their effectiveness of what they taught and learnt. But then again, being certified by one of the law of attraction “gurus” featured in the secret, why not?

And I have practice law of attraction since 2009 (when I first became aware of it). Unofficially, all of us have been practicing loa thru out our lives is just that we are not aware of it.

I have manifested all kinds of miracles in my life. From a 6-digit cheques to phobias to traveling the countries I’ve been dreaming about.

So today’s topic is about the words we used. Both subconsciously and literally. The words are :easily and effortlessly.

Use these keywords-Easily and effortlessly in your affirmations.

Example: I earn $10,000 monthly doing what I love, easily and effortlessly.

Manifestations need not be hard unless you choose it to. That’s the best part. If we want to manifest something easily and effortlessly, say it, affirm it, write it, engraved it in your subconscious. It all depends on you.

Life need not be hard and difficult.You do not have to learn lessons of life thru complications or difficulty.

You can simply learn even when it’s easy and happy. Just be aware.

When I first learned to add those two words in my manifestations, I was skeptic. Because deep down, I believe life has to be hard so that I can learn and be a better person. Or something worthwhile having has to be a hard and difficult process.

I was so conflicted that I had to remove “unseen baggages” that comes with it.

And then one day, I decided to “flow” with it. What have I got to lose anyway?

I let go and be open to it’s unfoldment and add those two words-easily, effortlessly.

I detach myself from it’s outcome and trust the *Universe.

Guess what? It did manifest it within 5 days. That’s the easy part. The hard part was me.

I was not able to embrace it. It happens easily and effortlessly but I was skeptic. I wonder what lies behind these miracles. I was letting the “great trickster” ruled my mind.

I was not happy. I got what I want but I was not happy. I felt like after this miracle that somewhere there will be a world of duality-sadness.

I was fearing that God has a sadistic sense of humour. Making me happy and then taking it away in an instant with other impending dooms of what-ifs. (where did this come from? unknown to me, I have this weird “image” of what God or who God is)

Eventually, I calm myself down and with likeminded support of mentors and friends, I was able to embrace my new miracle. I am grateful.

Start manifesting with these keywords.

It’s okay to start small or big, whatever that makes you comfy and happy.
What do you want to manifest now? Set your intentions and let go.

If I can do this and travel the world using this simple tip,you can do this too.
Have fun manifesting!


P.s: Actually we all have been using the LOA with or without our knowledge (or awareness) thru out our lives. But I started learning about deliberate manifestation (Law of attraction) in 2009 with the book entitled- the Attractor Factor by Dr. Joe Vitale.

And now, I am an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner certified by the same man- Dr Joe Vitale who has worked amongst many gurus such as Bob Procter and was even featured in the movie-The Secret. The movie which has gone viral and has helped millions of people to attract their dreams.
I coach individuals or groups and conduct Law of Attraction workshops around the world.

Do contact me linamasrina at gmail with the subject LOA coaching.

Note: This is a 5 part series blog post.

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*I use the word Universe because this blog is written for all readers regardless of race and religion. To me, we are one. But if you have a problem using the word Universe, replace that in your mind with-God, the Almighty, etc.

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