Law of Attraction Secret No. 5-How to travel whenever wherever like Lina

Law of Attraction-Tip no. 5 you must know: Gratitude

I used to take things for granted and only appreciate the wonderful things in life only when it’s gone.
So when I fell to the “deepest hole” of my life, I felt like I have lost everything and have nothing.
I stayed depressed until one day while lying on the bed on a beautiful afternoon, I noticed my breathing.
A thought popped up-If there is a lack of oxygen, people will kill for it cos we need to survive. And then I felt so grateful that there is abundance of fresh air even on a tiny country busy-like city ….like Singapore.


So when the first gratitude left my heart to being uttered thru my mouth-Thanking the Almighty for the air, I begin to feel lighter.
A moment ago, I felt like tonnes of problems were on my back. But after that gratitude, I felt lighter and better.
I begin to think of another thing to be grateful for. My health. Even though most times I am lazy at keeping a constant fitness regime, I am thankful that I am healthy. 
I felt even better. I felt like a ray of happyness seems to enter my depressing world. I begin to find more things to be grateful for and notice the lightness of my back… 
I then make it a ritual to write out my gratitude list. Starting with 10 then proceed to 50… 
You can do it before you sleep or after you wake up. I did both. 
Once it became a habit-writing down your gratitude list… pay attention to your world.
Miracles begin to happen. The more you are grateful, the more good things come into your life.
Even if there are people whom you don’t fancy or keep giving you problems. Be grateful for their existence and send love their way.
As time goes, either they move away or they change, being better humans to you. 
This is one key secret of manifesting.
Love this!

P.s: once you get the hang of this gratitude habit, share it by thanking everyone you meet, be it strangers or even your own family members. Thank them for whatever good they have done. And then notice the miracles happening rapidly.
Not only that …the joy that you spread has many rippling effect.
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