Law of Attraction Secret No. 3-How to travel whenever wherever like Lina.

Law of Attraction-Tip no.3 you must know: Mind movies

This is a 5 part series of manifesting using the law of attraction. I am sharing with you the tips (not in sequence) of how I use it to manifest my dreams be it big or small.

Today’s topic is about mind movies.

What is a mind movie?
My own definition is that it is a video show of the dreams you want to manifest. Watch it often so that it will impregnate into your subconscious and engrave into your mind of your wishes and desires.
In order to manifest your dreams, one way is to visualize it as often as you can with much Happyness.
Mind movies is one of the many ways to help aid in your visualization.

I browse through beautiful videos of the world’s’ beautiful landscapes on YouTube and Vimeo and also pictures and save them on my desktop/iPhone/iPad to use it daily for my daily visualization.

Whatever I want to manifest, I just google it and copy paste and either make it into a vision board or mind movie. PINTEREST is a good app to start.

You can create your own mind movies or if you are like me, busy… then watching someone else’s work will be sufficient.

Believe me, it works miraculously. For me personally, it kind of speed up the process for me.
I love to see beautiful things and often in awe of the beautiful views and experiences not only in my travels but in my daily experiences as well.

So do try it.
What is it that you desire to manifest?

Is it the house of your dreams, the soulmate, the dream job, the dream team etc. Be as detailed as possible and find the mind movie of your choice. There are many choices in the internet or you can make them yourself.

Hope that helps…
Happy creating!

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