Law of Attraction Secret No. 1-How to travel whenever wherever like Lina.

Law of Attraction:
Tip No.1 You Must Know: Set your intentions.

As promised, I’m gonna share some secrets on how I use Law of Attraction to manifest what I want. Be it health, wealth, abundance, success, love etc…and as for me, mainly more on travel wherever whenever I wanted.

The tips are not in sequence. Use them as you deemed fit for your everyday life.

If you are a newbie to the Law of Attraction (LOA) , this will be simple enough for you to practice.

A story about bananas………..

Once upon a time, I wanted to eat bananas. Counting the coins in my pocket, I decided that it was not enough to buy any in the supermarket.

I let go of that desire. But I was salivating at the glimpse of those bright yellowish sweet fruits.
As I was running errands thru out the whole day, I had to visit a few supermarkets and what do I see greeting me at the entrance of these supermarkets? Bananas!!

I was really hungry at that moment and I really wanted to eat those bananas but as mentioned previously, the money I had was not enough.

I set the intention that the bananas are already mine and that it’s just a matter of time before I get to eat them. And then I left and forget all about it.

That very day, I was returning home with my two boys when suddenly an old Chinese man appeared out of nowhere in front of my doorstep. He hold out a bunch of bananas and started handed them to me.

He said-“Take them, eat them now. Don’t keep because it’s already ripe.” He smiled and then left.
I stood there stunned still holding the bananas. I have just moved into this new neighborhood and have not known or made friends with any of the neighbors yet.

In fact, I don’t even know if this man is from my neighborhood.

But nevertheless, we embrace the abundance that was given to us. My kids and I were very happy and we said our gratitude to the Almighty.

Blessed that man.
Miracles have been happening thru out my lives. Small, big or huge. It don’t matter. I am still in awe on how these miracles unfold in front of my very eyes.

Start manifesting with intention.

It’s okay to start small.
What do you want to manifest now? Set your intentions and let go.
If I can do this and travel the world using this simple tip,you can do this too.
Have fun manifesting!


P.s: Actually we all have been using the LOA with or without our knowledge (or awareness) thru out our lives. But I started learning about deliberate manifestation (Law of attraction) in 2009 with the book entitled- the Attractor Factor by Dr. Joe Vitale.

And now, I am an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner certified by the same man- Dr Joe Vitale who has worked amongst many gurus such as Bob Procter and was even featured in the movie-The Secret. The movie which has gone viral and has helped millions of people to attract their dreams.
I coach individuals or groups and conduct Law of Attraction workshops around the world. Do contact me.

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