Journal-I need a cure for my wanderlusty-ness…

I got home recently and it will take me awhile to settle down.
I was restless, my sleeping style was on “airplane mode”.With cringed body and cramping backbone and lots of cushion at my sides.
My sons became the instant “stewards” who came to my aid in regards to everything including breakfast in bed, thru-out the morning, afternoon and late supper night.
And then soon I got bored. The in-house entertainment was not updated. I had watched gazillion movies on board flight that the recent movies seems like the 50s.
A friend bought me a fryer. Not the cool air fryer that everyone is raving about but the classic deep fryer (which you need to flood with endless buckets of oil, sinful!)
Soon the unwrapped gift ignited an intriguing list of “experiments”. I wanted to know-What happens when I dunk this ingredient into the hot boiling oil? How about that old sneakers? Perhaps my sons’ toys? (That adds a new meaning to recycling projects we have been procrastinating)
Before I knew it, I was dumping every known items found in my house into the new fryer.
I became busy. It was so engaging that I forsake my phone calls and emails. My mind got so excited of thinking about the next new exciting ingredient to be deep fried.
Even the neighborly 14year old cat whom passed my house so often seemed like a cool “ingredient” for my daily experiment.
Hmm, how’s that for food therapy?
A cure for the wanderlust?
Maybe.Maybe not.
Just temporary…
Psst: Have you tried fried durians? (Look, my tourisy friends, they are not stinky feet fruit. They are just heavenly gooey sticky exquisite scented-ooh lala kind of fruit
For now, I shall indulge in what makes me happy. 
The crackling sounds of the deep frying technique and the smell of burning oil with occasional neglecting burning soot gives me such a pleasurable activity and time consuming kinda took my mind off traveling, for awhile/
The show is not over yet, folks.
I still got lots of countries to cover.
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