Fat Journal-I was once 80kg…3 months later,60kg.

I love food. Food is my soulmate.
Thru out my life… I remember great tasting food not by its name but by the “creator” of its taste. Even as young as five, I was pampered by the many grandpas, uncles, aunties and grannies, who not only can cook well but were adventurous in seeking new flavours and adventures in the local food scenes.

These often engraved sweet yummilicious memories permanently thru out my life. They set the food tasting “standards” within me without me realising.

Most of them were “reviewed” by the “love” they put in their cooking. And those memorable experiences still stay intact within me till now. As fresh as if I had just eaten them, yesterday.
I grew up with a high metabolism that I can eat anything I wanted to without being fat.

In my teens, I was always hungry and active. I can finished up one or two fried whole spring chicken and 9 pieces of KFC chicken at one go.

I was also very active. I had a lot of ECAs (CCAs), and also many part time jobs which I fulfilled efficiently. I have no idea how I did it but I was not an average teenage girl. I was often in a rush, doing something “useful” with my time.


As I grew older, I took that for granted. I was not as active and did not exercise as much as I wanted to. But my “ferocious” eating habits still stay. I eat often with plates of huge heaps of delicious food. And eventually, I expanded even further after I gave birth.

Bad Mood swings-I also noticed that whenever I’m down, the food intake that got thru my mouth seemed to go to the wrong “channel”. Regardless of whether I eat or not, I will expand sideways.
Happy Mood swings-Whenever I’m up and happy, whatever I eat, seems to be going the right way and I don’t put on any weight.

My friends gauged my moods by my dress size.

I don’t really bother about that. I was happy in my own world.

But everything started to change when I got sick, one day.

One fine day, without any warning, I was not able to get up for days. The world came spinning whenever I tried to get up. This ended for two weeks. For those two weeks, I was bedridden.
I was shocked. This has never happened to me. I am always out and about. And I am always wandering about traveling even in my own little hometown in city centre.

I love to travel and wander about. That is who I am. Curiosity is my name.

After I got well, I looked in the mirror and was shocked at my ballooning figure. What happened to the “petite figure” I once have?

I began to scrutinize myself lovingly. I was so out of shape. My face looked ten years older. I looked older than my mom. In fact they thought I was her older sister. Sigh. I was overweight. I have neglected myself beyond imagination.

There were lots of “worry” lines. There were lots of wrinkles and sagging “baggage”. I did not realized how heavy I was till then.

I decided to turn my life around. Those two weeks lying on the bed feeling and being helpless while I watched the world passed me by was one of my most depressing moment. I was not able to get up and walk about.

Walking and wandering about has been a passionate hobby of mine ever since I learnt how to walk. And that “freedom” was taken away from me when I was sick.

It was one of my turning points. I decided to change for the better. I took responsibility in my whole being.

I learnt lots from self-help books and successful health mentors and coaches.

I’ve tried all kinds of diets and methods and eventually I settled for one.

Most of the diets and methods did not last for me because I had to let go of my favourite food such as deep fried crispy chicken

And so I kept on moving to the next “new diet fad or formula” or the next slimming product or whatever  new exercise regime that can trim my fats asap. Until, I decided that enough is enough. It was an off and on love and hate affair.

And I thought that since I can do law of attraction on abundance, why not try it on weight loss as well?

So I did. I start with the mind, it was not easy. It’s an overhaul of the whole mind-set relating to food, emotions and the “deeper me”.

But nevertheless, I persevered. And I did I lose 20kg within 3 months.

Best part was… I do not have to give up on my favourite CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN! woohoo!
I felt healthier and lighter. I became happier and more active. I looked ten years younger. And the secret is, (psst..come a little bit closer…)

I did not diet at all.
I ate what I like.
I used the law of attraction.

Everyone deserve to feel lighter and be healthier regardless of what level of fitness and what weight they are in now.

Let’s live life to the fullest.
If you want to know how I did it, I conduct series of workshops on this weight loss method using law of attraction. I also do one to one coaching.

If being healthier and lighter is one of your new year resolutions, your dream, your goal, you do not have to do it alone, I will be with you every step of the way because I have been there and done that. Its definitely possible.

Do email me at linamasrina at gmail dot com for more information.


P.s: This is the only “fat” photo I can gather (for now). I used to throw them away as soon as I slimmed down. Lol.


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