Dreams-2015, travel like the Queen?

I’m quite nervous thinking of what 2015 may bring. Normally, I will be happy embracing the unknown. That’s what travelers do. We thrive in a world of changes. We are flexible enough to adapt to whatever may come.But this time, it’s a bit different.
Before I sign my name on the official pages, I need to be clear on the new path, an unknown destination. Clear meaning, I may not know where it may lead me but I must know what I truly want from this experience.
I realized that writers have multiple personalities. It’s what we do (or it’s just me.lol) We inter-exchange our realities with the unimaginable fantasies. Sometimes we lived there for a few seconds and sometimes it may take years. Sometimes we lived too long in our fantasy world that we don’t even want to come out of it.
I’m a flexible world traveler. I sometimes squeeze my budget so much so that I may stay hungry for days just to save for my transportation to home.
Sometimes I wear my garments inside out outside in to save some pennies from laundry just to buy hardcore biscuits that will be my breakfast,lunch and dinner that lasted for weeks or months.
I am also a luxury traveler who sometimes flamboyantly tip the guides more than their one month pay just for that once in a lifetime experiences.
I have hotels and restaurant owners lavishly pampered me on my accommodations and tummy experiences like royalty that my tongue rebelliously refused to eat local food for months when I reached home .
I have been wandering in and out of my fantasy personalities that I lost control of the realistic world.
I enjoyed the royalty treatments that sometimes I forgot to ground myself. Like a “lost Princess” who had just been disthroned, I wondered, what is my destiny this time? I had to open up the old box and went back fully this time. Will I lose my real identity? Or perhaps this is my true identity. My destiny.
I started out as a backpacker but I left as a Princess. Now I need to start on this new journey as a Queen. Can I do this?
One tiny confession,sometimes I travel at the whim of my hungry tummy.
Yes! I travel to Hyderabad because of its majestic magical flavors of its royalty spiced Briyani. (Hyderabadi cuisine had become a princely legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad State.)
That’s it, no other intentions but the experiences that were unfolded before me were beyond my imagination. I ended up In Delhi, Agra and many more places.
One Chef whipped up the most amazing Mutton Rogan Josh upon my arrival. And then my personal driver, fed me with a royal “betel leaf” with gold flakes?!? Mmm… Yum!
I also went to Monaco, Dubai, Maldives and many more countries whereby luxury is a must-carry on items on every aspect of the travel alongside the passport.
And I went to Japan whereby I was served with delicious freshest roes that melted at the tip of my tongue. Aah…I still remembered how my whole body quiver in ecstasy as I savor the food-This is what liquid gold should taste like.
I’ve also been to the mountainous region near Himalayas for a journey and a scenic view that took my breath away.That beauty spot was mine for hours and hours because it’s a luxury I’m willing to pay.
Till now, I remembered the sounds of the howling winds and the beauty in its pureness of the snowy white capped mountains and the awe-amazing frozen turquoise lake majestically stood silently before me. The magic of it all were beyond words.This was another unexpected unfoldment which I treasure very much.
I wish to bring these treasures I’ve seen, touched, experienced and which life has breathed into me, to you. I really hope each and everyone of my readers and fans get to experienced thru my eyes and be cajoled into wanting their own experiences and desires. This is what my new journey in 2015 is all about.
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I am very nervous now. In 2014, I traveled to 11 countries unexpectedly, unplanned. What about 2015? Will that number doubled up? Will I stay grounded in Singapore?
I am trembling as I am about to shake hands with a new collaboration.
Love me,support me, do like me and subscribe as I pick up the new found pieces and focus more on this platform which I have neglected.
Open your eyes, your mind, your senses, your everything and see this new journey thru my eyes. I am gonna break out of my comfort zones (again?!) and manifest my dreams.
Hope that this new journey empower and inspire you to manifest your dreams too!
Have a merry festive season and enjoy the new year with your loved ones. May we be blessed with great love, happyness, success, health, abundance, peace and lots and lots fun and laughters.
I realized that until my body is laid peaceful beneath the earth, I shall manifest each and every dream of mine. My “bucket list” has already begun on the day I was born.
So what is your new dream? Is it big and scary?
Are you going to manifest them or ….
So let’s enforced our intentions to manifest our dreams while embracing the new year.
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Lina Masrina.
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