Lina meets with Jason Mraz again, the Grammy award singer/song writer.

 Warning: this is very long winded post. I’m creating a space for myself to express my gratitude.
In 2009, I was facing a series of a very difficult life changing questions. And as I ponder about ,almost zombified with them in my head, I seldom took notice of my surroundings.

And then when I did not get any answers for a very, very long time, I surrendered to the Almighty. I silenced myself. I went into solitude and peace.

That was also the time, I decided to start driving. I will start driving to unknown routes purposely to get lost so to familiarise myself with the mechanics of the fear and the unknown and uncertainties.
And at the same time, I begin to tune in to the radio. I do not watch tv nor do I listen to the radio but while driving around in the wee hours of the morning, radio is the next best companion.

And one tune stands out from the rest because everytime I turn the radio on, it will greet me with it. It’s a duet. And I never pay attention to the names of the singers.

Then as I went about my daily life such as shopping *smiles . I realized that this tune is everywhere. It’s getting on my nerves. It eventually became a worm in my head, playing endlessly.

One day, I met my old high school mates and the song pop out from a nearby radio. And I asked them who sang this song? They told me it’s Jason Mraz. the song is called -Lucky. And one of my closest told me, you will like him. He wrote a blog just like you.

I’m not into celebrities or singers but blogger? I’m interested. So I read his journal and find him interesting.

I didn’t know he was coming to Asia a week from that day. The same gf told me that but she also told me that his concert is always sold out.

I’m not really a concert person. The last concert I went to was NKOTB (omg). And I did not book nor even find out more about that.

Ok so back to that challenging life questions. I felt suffocated and felt a need to break away and go to a neighboring country.

I left for Kuala Lumpur the very next day with no planned itinerary.
I arrived at KLIA and as I depart to head to downtown. I saw a group of people crowding at the entrance of my exit.

Being a curious being, I waited for awhile wondering who are they waiting for. I didn’t even ask.
And soon, 5 minutes later, I saw the crowd got excited by a group of people coming out.
I saw someone familiar. Is that Jason Mraz? I wasn’t too sure. I just knew him from his blogger site, remember?

And then they shouted, Jason…Jason..Jason Mraz! Ok, identity confirmed.
I watched and I took some shots and then I left. They took the lift. I took the escalator down to public buses.

As I went down, I look out and I saw the Jason Mraz entourage and I see no fans present. There was also no security. I was like, is this for real?

And then it hit upon me to say hi to them, just for fun. I’m a shy person and I do not know why suddenly I have the courage to go ahead and meet them.

I met the horns. They were awesome. One of them asked my name and I asked his name in return. And then after a few photos, I thanked them and left.

I then escaped to Bukit Bintang wandering about where to spend the night. I got into one hotel and my heart suddenly got excited and told me to head down to the streets to watch the buskers. But I pay no attention to it. The hotel was so cosy, I dozed off immediately after a hot bath.

Later I found out, Jason Mraz and his entourage were there watching the buskers crooning his “I’m yours” song. (It’s funny cos none of the buskers knew the real singer was watching them lol)
The very next day, I walked to the Petronas twin towers for a free ticket to see the view. Later I found out that I missed Toca, in just mere minutes (Jason Mraz buddy who toured with him for twenty years, I think)

All these coincidences were told to me by the horns later on.
Anyway, in the afternoon, I was at this green mall, window shopping and then I saw Jason Mraz poster indicating his concert that very day.

I turned back and I noticed someone familiar. He is one of the horns. The guy who asked for my name. I called his name- Reggie! He turned around and remembered me.

He was with Fergie another horn member. They were looking for a cafe. They were battling whether to stay outdoor or indoor for cafe . And asked me for my expertise. I said outdoor.

And they invited me to join them. I said YES!
They were fun . Funny and friendly. We went souvenir shopping together at bukit bintang and also for locals soccer jerseys for their today show.

Reggie gave me tickets for both Malaysia and Singapore concerts. Luckily I remembered my high school gf who told me about Jason Mraz and ask extra ticket for her.

I walked them to their hotel cos Reggie want to pass me something.

And then they left for their practice. (Later when I told my gf about my experience, she said OMG, u knew where Jason Mraz stay? She got so crazy that I was not as crazy as her) I was cool about it cos my fan days are over. Those were my teenage life, once upon a time. Tommy Page, Vanilla Ice, NKOTB … And who else?

I got to the stadium where their concert was, way early …cos I fear that I might get lost. But it was only a good 10min walk from my hotel.

As soon as I reached there, the place was packed. I’m not as early as I thought I was. Reggie told me to take the ticket from the counter. I saw many people and I became scared. Like a mob.

I dare not even head to the counter for fear I got swallowed by the mob. I called Reggie and he was so gentlemanly that he came out to meet me at the gate. Back door entrance. And he smuggled me back stage. Hehehe, lucky me.

He brought me on a short tour. And then we sat in the dining area where the band was having their dinner. I met some of the members. And then me and Reggie sat on a different table.
Reggie left for a short while to do something. He told me that soon Jason Mraz will meet some fans backstage and I can join them. Woohoo!

Soon other band members left to prepare for the show. I looked around. Reggie did say that I can eat and drink whatever I want.

And then I felt uneasy by the silence. I heard the fans outside but then suddenly there was a silence. Maybe Jason Mraz has arrived? I peered out with just my head jutting out of the white tent.
True enough he was there.

I came out, like a celebrity from the celebrity dining tent. Lol. Everyone turned to look at me even Jason Mraz. He must be wondering who is this person who has smuggled herself cosily in my dining tent?

I blushed by the many eyes on me and looked at Jason Mraz. For a moment , I thought they are gonna put me in jail or something for illegal entry.

I asked the Malaysian staff beside me to take my picture for me and he shrugged and said no. I was like wt?

Anyway, sigh…Reggie was away too long. Everyone was taking turns with Jason. And I was nervous cos I was the illegal. I believed these fans won something to earn that right …of having a picture taken with Jason and I believe they are hardcore fans.

And this illegal new fan(me) only knew Jason a week before his concert. Feeling guilty and alone, I looked down at my feet. Who is going to take my picture? Where is Reggie?

As soon as I looked up, again all eyes were on me. As if he read my mind, Jason said- it’s ok, we take the photo ourselves.

(I’m so sorry. This is a very long story. I felt like being long winded today.)

He asked my name and smiled. His kind eyes mesmerized me. And he has a goatie! He took the camera from me and took our own selfie! It was only one shot and it’s perfect! Look below…

I was not standing that close to him, I was a feet behind him. I was afraid to stand close to him but it looked like I was just beside him. The way we angled our heads… Lol.

And then Reggie popped up! He then escorted me to the concert. I was barred from entering because I did not take my ticket. I shouted for Reggie, he was so far away but he heard me and went back for me. Such gentleman. He showed the security his pass and they allowed me in, some of them said in disbelieve- boleh ke macam gini?

Illegal entry all the way. Lol .
To cut story short, the next day, I was supposed to head home to Singapore and bring them around Singapore, little India Mustafa Centre for souvenirs and such but somehow it did not happen. I forgot why. Either I have not arrived in Singapore or they were rushing. Cos Singapore concert happened the very next day.

And then, they left for Indonesia. And I soon forgot the whole experience. But I remembered the songs cos it answers most of the life questions I asked.

Few months later, (Summer) I left for home in Rotterdam. I stayed there for 3 months.
My parents fetch me and suggested we do some sightseeing in Amsterdam before going back to Rotterdam. My dad suggested that we go to Anne Frank house. I love to read Anne Frank’s diary when I was schooling.

I agreed, it’s time I see her life thru the house she lived in.

As my dad was queuing up for tickets, I saw a familiar face beside me. He was sitting under a tree eating an icecream . I love icecream, I was wondering where did he get that huge icecream from? I see no icecream shop nearby.

And then as I watched him eating. I recognized him! He is Toca! OMG.

I dare not approach him. Maybe Jason has a concert here. I knew that if I talked to him, I can get in somehow. But I was not in the mood. I was jet lagged and tired.

I went in with him. He was about my height. He looked burly and fierce but when he talked, I knew right then he is a teddy bear.

I did not know why I did not have the courage to talk to Toca. Perhaps, I felt shy or the very thought of being a stalker turns me off. I dunno. Perhaps, I’m just tired.

Anyway as I talked to my Dutch cousin later on, she said that the Amsterdam concert was a sold out affair. She wished I talked to Toca so that she can also watch the concert with me.

So weird, these mere coincidences.
I seldom listened to music but Jason Mraz songs were an eye and heart opener. I healed much with his positivity outlook of life thru his words and happy go lucky tunes.

That was 5 years ago. I thank Jason Mraz for his courage to stand up for his beliefs and worthiness to manifest his dream of being a singer. He is also someone who take responsibility in his own being, thoughts and his food intake.

I learnt much from him before I learnt from anyone else about the law of attractions, mindset and our inner powers, greatness and abundance.

It’s really fascinating that whenever I lose faith and hope in life’s challenges, his songs will magically popped up to rejuvenate my inner strength. It’s like the Universe is playing his songs out of the heavenly juke box. And it’s bizarre cos everywhere I go, even as remote as the mountains in Tibet, I heard his song in Chinese (the geek in the pink).

I do not know what’s the connection between me and all these coincidences but I embrace them all.
As I completed my course and growth in this soulmate love journey….

He popped up again. This time in person.
All I knew was that, my love warriors were unable to join me. It felt as though it was meant only for me. And true enough…

That night at great American hall, songs of love and soulmate and great feminine power were sung and danced to. It was like a beautiful summary of the course I’ve been to. Another magical miracle.
And the band before Jason’s was singing Allahu. A beautiful song reignite my bond with the Almighty.

Thank you, Jason Mraz and the people involved.
I wished and prayed that we all meet and marry our soulmate of our dreams.
I believe your songs, your growth and your sharings have healed many hearts around the world and I hope it’s time your heart is healed fully and your wish to marry and have a baby comes true, easily and effortlessly.

Thank you.
God bless.

P.s: Gratitude is something I have to express whenever I felt it.
I’m blogging on the move.

Some pics and vids were already showcased in the past but I felt the need to include them all in this post, once and for all…

If you want my updated happenings, check out my

I believed all these beautiful synchronicities have some meanings. Perhaps, one day I am able to grasp the true meanings of them all. But meanwhile, I embrace everything with an open mind and heart.

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