This Ramadan- take care of your sight.

Long before i learnt the meaning of creative visualisation and law of attraction,I was taught to care for my sight. I was training to be a huffaz.( one who memorizes the Quran) and we were taught to take extra care in whatever we do, something like see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil.
Of course the very basics such as gossiping, stealing, and what most religions taught its people, to be good human beings is important to follow. That is innate in most of us cos i believe our parents would have taught us when we were kids.

I was told that people who memorizes the Quran are carefully selected people chosen by the Almighty. And so, I should cherish this opportunity and fully focus on it. There are many amazing benefits of being a huffaz ,both on earth and hereafter. But I guess most huffaz will say that they do it for the love of Quran and the Almighty.

My journey to this was an accidental one. I was just focussing on wanting to read the Quran well but somehow along the way, I was switched to this class instead.

Anyway, one important thing I’ve learnt was that, i have to take care of my sight alongside the important factor of eating good Halal food. I have to screen off daily intake of bad views, pictures, images, tv and whatever negative impact movies or gruesome or even scary movies. Anything that is not empowering to me has to be avoided.

And so, TV was not an important factor thru out my life.

Why? You may asked. To memorize the Quran is easy.But to remember it, its not. So all these bad images, videos, tv, news whatsoever will make an impact in the quality of daily memory.

The same goes for Halal food. Not only do I have to find good Halal food, its best if i know who is the cook because whatever intentions and energy that the cook input in his cooking will be a part of the food and it will affect the people eating them with or without them knowing. It may be subtle, but for people who are sensitive like me, can feel it and may affect me almost immediately.

Perhaps thats, why I was so into Halal food, years back and part of the reason why I started the blog too.

It was challenging journey for me. Because some surah took me a mere minutes to memorise and retain it in memory but some took months. And i was a perfectionist aiming to be top everytime, and so if my results deteriorate just a lil bit, i will start researching on what I did wrong and easiest to check is thru what i consumed by mouth and thru eyes- food and tv(if any).

And of course there are some food that I was told by some teachers not to eat , for fear, it will affect my Quranic memorization such as fish head. (This is another topic to be told on its own, one day)
Anyway back to the topic.

 Of course if we watched xx rated scenes, we are sinful. But what about violence-themed movies? I totally dont fancy war movies or anything relating to blood and gory images. But what about transformers or reel steel movies? (Its not real, right? Its just a figment of someone’s imagination).
Being a mother of two active healthy sons, i often joined them for movies. And i often realised after such movies, they will become more aggressive. And believe me, my kids are very peaceful loving kids (often people wonder how I train them to be so “kwai”/obedient). Although that is temporary, imagine if we subject ourselves and our kids to that images daily. What will be the outcome of that “brainwashing”?

And when I learnt about creative visualisation, i have a hard time focussing cos i love to watch cartoons (too much cartoons, also not good, ok?). Somehow along the way of wanting to manifest what i want in life, shrek will pop up, or monsters and beasts will fight with him at the corner of my eye or something. I ended up rotfl. Not focus.

All in all, my message is simply, take care of your sight especially your kids. Because it will play a part in moulding our life and our characteristics.

Scary movies are not meant to create courage out of the people watching them. If we as parents do not screen the movies or daily tv intake for the kids, then whose responsibility is that? Well, at least take responsibility in your own eyes, your daily viewing activities.

Anyway, as i further my studies on law of attraction, we were taught-what we focus on, expands. For example, if we focus on pain, that is what our reality will be. Have you noticed why some soap opera lovers have so much drama in their lives just like their favorite tv shows? The answer is right there.
Im just sharing what I’ve learned and reflect. My experiences may be totally different from yours.
If success, love and happyness are your life goals, then watch those type of movies and tv shows. Focus on the good stuff in life and you will get more of it, insyaAllah. Life is already challenging, right? So why add more?

I just hope that some of what I’ve shared make sense and hopefully enlighten your own life experiences and you can make improvements to it.

Towards a much better life, everyday!

With love, and much happyness,
Lina Masrina.

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