Seoul Journal-Hanging out with the locals

I’m jumping up and down. No I’m not dancing nor I’m on a trampoline. I’m actually a lil bit frustrated with the “motion detectors” for lighting.
It’s dark and I’m heading up to the prayer room in the mosque. The staircase leading to it has motion detectors. And so when it gets cranky or whenever it failed to detect my motions, it blacked out.
And sad to say I’m totally clueless to all these technology especially in the toilets. Yikes?!

Imagine got blacked out when you are doing your “business” in the loo. Lol.

I freaked out the first time n while my butt is on the seat, my arms were waving wildly at the unknown motion detectors fixed God-knows-where.

It’s funny actually.
That was one of the things I was fascinated with in Seoul.

Besides the interesting subjects of plastic surgery, girl-boy relationship, street food best discovery, life and foreign subjects and influx of foreigners in Seoul and whether they are good or bad influence.

Sporty sneakers of various colours shapes and sizes adorned their beautiful feet regardless whether they are in pants or skirts whatever. I reckon , Seoul is also somewhat like San Francisco only less steep. But be prepared to walk up lots and lots of steps especially thru the subways.

It’s really hot. Amazingly, I was not able to appreciate it cos I love the sun. No wonder the freckles on my face can become a world map. Lol.

It’s not humid, it’s dry. Although the temperature might be slightly less than Singapore, it’s too much sometimes that I don’t wanna go anywhere but just laze around in aircon rooms and poke my nose in other people’s bunk n beds (hostel, where i’m staying).

Don’t feel like staying in a hotel. Hostel is much more fun and noisy and everyday ,I get to greet a new face and personality from various parts of the world

This may be my last Asian stop hopefully for this “solo” year and I just wanna make the best use of it.

People are really friendly in Seoul especially foreigners probably because English is not a common language and so when one found another English speaker in public, it’s like Eureka! Hello, alien!
I’ve attempted all kinds of kimchi. It’s a daily regime for my tummy. Ease my bowels.

I’m supposed to go and travel as far and wide as possible in South Korea but my feet don’t want to budge. That is very unique. Normally they have a mind of their own and they love to wander on and on uncovering unknown territories and discovering new places.
That’s why I called them “fickle feet”.

The hot weather switched my fickle mind on and off even when a fellow local friend I’ve befriended were so passionate about the current issues of men, women, feminist and how her mother chased after her to do plastic surgery to make her eyes big and beautiful.

I laughed so loud cos it’s very funny.

She said normally plastic surgery started early probably in high school. Some parents felt that they have disappointed their offsprings cos they cannot create the perfect looking human beings with what they both have.

And so they sought professional help to ensure that it can be changed.

I cannot truly emphasize with the ones going thru the surgery. It’s gonna hurt. And it’s not like hours but days and months and probably years.

Oh well, whatever works for them.


Have you checked my latest “makan” (eating) adventures on Seoul yet? Lots of Vegetarian options. And don’t be fooled by it’s simple outlook. The taste is totally fascinating.

Do check my instagram

Hanging out with my korean friends, chilling in a cafe with free wi-fi (of course).
Iced coffee seems to be the trend.

And yes how do they do that? Their translucent glow of white fair skin, I’ve noticed amongst many Korean women. I did try walking down the beauty aisle of gazillion beauty shops.

Everywhere they are handing out free samples, freebies of various sorts in which I have no idea on how to use them. (I have to refer to my metrosexual buddies back home, they know more than me about beauty. Lol)

Oh well, life goes on…

Smelling the air and watching the crowd pass me by…

They (staff of beauty shops)  love to give out beauty freebies, people like me love to collect each and everyone of them (even though I have no idea what these beauty thingies are for, on how to use them hee!)


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