Seoul journal-Eid ending soon and bucket list…

Bucket list-A list of things to do before you die? Hmm.
One Eid ending soon, another Eid will pass us by, if we do not take notice.
I remembered during Hajj, I was reflecting back on my life. Have I done enough? Have I made a contribution to the world? But mainly have I contributed enough to my own life and my loved ones? Did I learn as much? Was I open to life’s beautiful lessons?
Anyway, going for Hajj is a one of kind experience. I can never describe it in full.
That moment of full surrender to the Almighty of not caring whether I even made it back home, is totally beyond words can ever describe. I never knew what to prepare for other than what was guided. The rest was to be open for infinite possibilities to happen within that enlightening journey.
Death (and hereafter) has always been an intriguing mystery to me. Hmm…
As you know, I’m not one who keep track of the world news and updates. The recent “departure” of Robin Williams was a shocker. He was one of my favorite actor.
Before that knowing, Paul Walker’s death (now you know how slow I am of these news updates) from one of my instagram’s comments was a surprise. I just seen the trailer of him fighting and running in a new movie. Although I’m not really a fan of fast and furious but I love their flashy cars:))
Anyway, I don’t handle death news of any human beings, well. Even if I have no connection or ties, any stranger’s death will touch my heart strings deeply. I will need a moment to grieve.
 (Not really related to this topic but this trailer recently pops up. I find it fascinating.)
While writing this, I’m nervously waiting for news of a Military friend who is stationed in Seoul. (Even if I’m in the same country, I’m still clueless of what’s happening around me. Yes,folks that’s me. I live in a “bubble”.)
He suddenly MIA, I suspect due to recent “activity” from North Korea (yeah, you got me. I only googled news when my loved ones are missing.Tsk.)
And then all memories started to flow back and I started calculating the numbers of friends and ehem “frenemies” left. I do note that some of my high school friends have passed on and they are so super young!
Suddenly, I felt like my life is super short. I began reminiscing of what I had not done enough in my life now.
I had created my bucket list years back and have been fulfilling them. It’s not the fear of death that urged me to create and act upon it.
It’s the meaning of ALIVE and curiosity that spurred me to start jotting down whatever I wanted to do. Regardless how fearful I may be.
I was “dead” when I was alive, once upon a time and I never wanted that to happen to me again. And if I can prevent anybody from walking that path, I will do my best.
Look, you don’t have to wait till you kick the bucket or someone else kick it for you, to create the “bucket list”.Nor do you need to retire to start “choreographing” your list and balancing your age and agility. You can do it now.
You just gotta do what you always wanted to do, now. For yourself, for your family, for your loved ones, whatever. Just do it.
I’m not just urging you to do it ,I’m actually writing, sharing and doing it.
What is the craziest thing you ever wanted to try?
What’s in your bucket list?

 Do share in the comments. Looking forward to it.
As you may have known, I’ve done these…
I haven’t done this….
Nor have I seen the Northern Lights yet. I cannot wait to do it!! Woohoo!
How about you?

 Whatever it is…
Jot it down first.
Note: This is not a one crazy time”dah buang tabiat nak mampos” (lol) kind of attitude nor mid-life crisis whatever but this is more of an urge to seek aliveness in LIFE and grow oneself exponentially.
But hey, do something different.
After exchanging updates on families, why don’t we start a trend of sharing our “bucket lists” while visiting thru the Eid month.
Just a suggestion.
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