Seoul Journal- Abundant choices….and being blanked…

Sometimes life is just a blank page.
Thank U, J …for that reminder.

My eyes rested on the beautiful landscapes in and around Korea. I let my mind wander sometimes…
And if you wanna experience a different cultural exchange or enjoy life from a different perspective, in Korea there are various temple stays , you can opt for.

 (Perhaps temple stay/visiting is not your cup of tea due to the bowing and prostrations (if any) done in temples towards God or deities etc. Fyi-You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and no one is going to force you. You don’t even have to follow my suggestions, I am just sharing the options and possibilities of myriad ways one can experience local religious beliefs and cultural exchange. )

When traveling, I do my best to keep an open mind to absorb everything in.
The colors, senses, feelings, meetings, coincidences, synchronicites, serendipity, surprises, people, love, emotions, music, food etc.

This scenery is truly unexpected cos
I purposely took random buses (a local suggested) and ended up in a beautiful place.

And there will be time, I’m so jam packed that I don’t wanna do anything. I’m “full”. And nothing, absolutely nothing registers in my mind. It’s blank.

It’s a blank page. And I absolutely adore that very day. I will hang the-“Do not disturb” sign at the door and pay no attention to whatever is happening especially in my surroundings.

Sometimes, one faces a crossroad and is unsure where to go. Should I go straight or turn left or should that be a right turn?

I normally checks in with the intuition, the gut feeling whatever seems right. And when that gut feeling is not “performing” fast enough, one just need to take an immediate action.

Cannot stop too long at a junction/cross road. It’s gonna hold up the traffic and cause inconveniences to others.

The question is:
Should one leave everything and stay happily with loved ones on an island enjoying life in it’s peaceful bliss and relaxing pace?

Or should one start manifesting another dream and facing the challenges that comes with it?

A) Am I the type to be able to settle down on a beautiful idyllic island with gorgeous beaches and sunset views with my loved ones? Eating from the fresh produce of it’s very land.

B) Or should I continue feeding my endless curiosity by being of service to the world from a different perspective and being busy with passionate goals and wild dreams?
Both are very tempting.

Oh well, everything is perfect the way it is.

My phone cable got lost and my iPhone batt is almost empty. I have difficulty finding one in a “Samsung” country. But it’s possible.

I guess it’s time, I took time off and really immerse myself in my remaining weeks of my “vacation”.
Totally time out and off from the phones, iPads and gadgets for awhile.

Should I hang my traveling boots after Seoul?

And should I choose option A or B?

Sometimes a blank page is necessary.
Everything is gonna be alright.

Btw: I changed my instagram to

Signing out,

 InsyaAllah when I’m back…

I should be in Malaysia for my T.Harv Eker’s warrior camp.
Looking forward to it!


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