Korea-17 tips for likeminded Muslim travelers

Previously I’ve posted some helpful tips previously…

The ones below are focused more on Korea Trip.
(Another unplanned beautiful unfoldment)

1)Check need Visa?

2)Check plug type

3)Check currency exchange rate. Can it be changed in ur hometown? Or only in Korea? Can you exchange back when u return or u can do that only in Korea? U have to take note or else, it’ll end up amongst dozens of foreign currencies decreasing in value and it’s physical form

4)look for Halal/Muslim friendly accommodation

5)Check for Halal restaurants esp specialty is local cuisine. Optional-Check for vegetarian restaurants incase you need plan b. And of course plan c-cheap supermarkets. If u r like me, I sometimes love to cook my own food in my accommodation.

6) Seek Halal consultants or religious teachers specialized in travel n halal food. U need to know ur options. Is travel insurance halal? Is puffer fish halal? Get your doubts answered so that you will have a peace of mind.

6b) check the compass kiblat angle and prayer times. Visit the mosques and give some donations. (Ramadan travellers like me-what better way to save $$ and bond with other Muslims in the country than Iftar with them at the mosque. Help out and serve. It feels good.)

7)Read other Travellers experiences especially the Cheapo guides and freebies and handouts.

8) take initiative to learn local language please. It warms their heart and hey who knows, u will get an overseas friend for life!

8b) read the dos and donts of the local culture and etiquette. You wouldn’t want to get the first bad impression which is often everlasting. But hey, we are travellers, it’s just temporary. If it’s a mistake, so learn from it. But it’s good to learn about the local culture before you go so you won’t step on the wrong toes.

9)Find out about ATM in Korea whether they accept foreign cards and where are they located and is it 24hours or office hours?

10)Check out meetups in that area to meet locals and free korean classes (kpop dance class subsided (means cheap)and wearing hanbok free for foreigners-of course want lah!)

11)print screen all info in case internet is not viable

12)Decide whether you want to be a tourist or traveller or budget backpacker. That will also gauge how deep you are willing to dig into ur pockets. And also the luggage you will carry. Set your intention first!

My luggage is normally 10-11kg anywhere and everywhere (cargo) except when I go home in Rotterdam-I’m always breaking their rules. 45kg hand luggage is one of the heaviest ever in my life to lug around the airport n even the plane compartment is a hassle. 45kg cargo is also my heaviest! Lol. Thanks dad and especially Mommy dearest!

What type of traveller am I, normally? I’m almost definitely always is a simple easy lightweight traveller by default. But if there are others with me/who joined me instantaneously like other hostel strangers I’ve met, I may change and adapt. See what makes me happy. “Sometimes, when I’m really tired, I put on tourist mode and follow what others do. Tourist mode will not use much of my awareness and senses. Mainly it’s just copy the cat.”-Lina

13) Got money? Book air ticket! What are you waiting for? Also request ur halal meals and then do not forget to call 48 hours beforehand. Most of them forget until you insist by calling them again. (Well pack ur bag with nuts n dry fruits just incase) If you have more time and not time constraint-u can select cheaper flights-some airline websites will show you the cheapest fares on which dates.

14)Book your accommodation please. Most custom immigration wants an address. And also countries like Japan and wherever else prefer online booking cos they r often sold out.

15)Look for options of working “legally” in case the money runs out and the ATM is out of “sight” (in this case most probably ur bank balance is reaching minus value)

16) if u r unlike me (I don’t plan, I just go with the flow) create ur own fun itinerary.

17)My number 1 personal tip is -open your heart and relax. It’s gonna be an awesome journey! Trust.

*18)Use local transportation (buses, shuttles n metro/subways). Loads of savings than taking cabs. I cried when I took a cab to Tsukiji fish market n found out it was the wrong day, cos it’s closed on Wednesday in June. $36 US 1 way just a short distance only (no bus or metro starts that early-3am) Sobs.

*19) wear comfy shoes especially in Korea!! So many staircases and hills!My boots r really comfy. I can walk for hours in them. It must be so comfy tht u don’t mind sleeping in them.Walking is fun especially travelling cos u can see lots.

*20) google maps/ earth research thru before you go. I haven’t master the Orangeman yet,dad. ;(

* these are what my dad added. Sometimes I forget stuff, he is the organized, research before u go kind of guy…. Thanks daddy dearest!!


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