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Events-Last two delicious meetups

Goodbyes can be happy events so do join us fully and let’s make these into joyous energized event of embracing the “NEW”.
As much as I love doing this. I was really NOT a good host. My schedules are always in some random countries and it’s always last minute thingy. And so I have to bid farewell to this as well.

Abundance of heartfelt gratitude to Vee Soh and Alica Tan for creating awesome events for this group.

I apologised deeply from my heart for not able to be as active as I want to be due to my frequent world travels.

Whatever it is, I thanked everyone for being such an awesome participants just by being their true selves in being with us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do join us fully in our last 2 events this September and October.

Lina Masrina.

P.s: alhamdulillah, last minute change to my warrior camp plans and I can attend both Love Eats event. Woohoo!! I’m gonna make moon cakes! Yippee!

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