Travel- 你在哪里,丽娜? Nǐ zài nǎlǐ, lì nà?

 Where are you, Lina?
My friends texted me.
I finished my obligatory prayer and then I ended it with Safr prayer. This prayer is for travellers. Normally, recitation of Sura Yasin followed suit. And then, I left the house with my luggage.

There’s a prayer for everything.

 Just connect to the higher power. Whatever we need just gotta ask. Don’t judge God’s love thru your eyes. It’s endless and unconditional.

For me, my meditations are my prayers, dhikr and Quranic recitations. In this pleasurable moments, everything else will be removed and focus is between me and my connection with higher power (whom I called the Almighty, for you may be God, the Universe etc)

A mixture of feelings and emotions. Heavy yet light. Sad but happy. Fearful but curious. I just let them flow.

I waited for a cab. 15 minutes have passed no sign of them. Weirdly when one is not waiting for a cab, many came. And then, I saw a glimpse of the green light. Before I know it, a couple get ahead of me and “snatched” the cab.

Peeved. I’m in the queue! My inner child shouted in frustration. (But of course, that voice is only heard by me.)

Then a couple of Caucasians stood behind me but 10 meters away. The lady in the pink dress hail the next cab and motion for the cabbie to go to me.

Such kindness. Soon right after another cab came for them. I waved thank you and she shouted, it’s ok!

Ok, it’s a good start. I’m in good hands. No need to worry. The Almighty will take care of me, I just got to have faith.

With a smile on my face and in my heart. I proceed on to the airport.
Like a rusty traveller, everything seems familiar but different.

I often go to countries that I’ve never been. But why do I need to come to these countries again?
What adventure awaits me?

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(Blogging on the move)


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