LOVE warrior’s journey begins-Singapore-Shanghai-San Francisco

Im still zombified by the jetlag and time differences in between Asia and America. If you happen to travel and passed by me, pay no attention cos Im in lala land. Lol.
I may wear mismatched clothings or even pj to the plane.
Its always my dream to go to San Francisco. Been to California twice but never get the chance. So this time, its an opportunity not to be missed.

While mustering all the courage I can get to be the LOVE warrior of my life, I took this opportunity to enhance my curiosity and happyness.

Travelling is my happyness. I cannot define it in words but it gets me high, ALL the TIME.
Well, let me jot down the nitty gritty details in my travel journal and unfold to you the lovely details in good time.

Have an awesome life, peeps!

Love ya,

Blogging on the move or sleepwalking.

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