Love-Begins with me.

 I sat alone in a corner
Amidst the stretch of chatters
My heart patters at the thought
Of running back to you in a blur
I stood silently
as I felt the body quivered
Fears and tears jumbled up
But nothing stopped the traveller
No one has the guts
to understand me.
The way u understood me
Beyond words ..
can ever express itself.
I know not what the future holds
But I understood and let it flows.
You took my hand and guide my way
I follow suit with my heart in place.
I was scared of letting go.
Of experiencing
something phenomenal…
Your adamant ways have some wickedness
Yet its innocence masked its sweetness.
You showed me something unique
That I am so lost,so deeply
Entranced in a world of our own.
I agree completely,
All beauty are truly owned.
Love is no longer alone
But ours to be shown.
You showed me ..
there’s no barriers
within oneself.
Our differences
no matter
Big or small
has no effect.
The fact that love is blind
But yet solemnly so aware.
You tore these walls within me
I stood there in time
You knew that I was caged
And you freed me without being asked.
You showed me love is expressive
That is its own right
To be shown
And experienced…
Yet its demure innocence is still intact
And preserved in its own light
I say I love you
But I dont have to
You knew right there
From the start…
Its truly amazing…
You showed me
the meaning of love.
It all begins with….

P.s: Love is a new category which I have just added into this site. But it’s not new. I have been writing about it for more than a year now (no, scratch that, I have been writing about it thru out my life since I was very young). I’m putting parts and pieces of me that have been spread out into other spaces. I used to keep that hidden for fear that others may see my “raw” side. And might not be able to accept it.

Now it no longer matters. I just want to do what I wanna do.
It’s part of me. It is who I am.

It does not have to make sense to anybody. I’m just writing it freely.

Sometimes to myself,
sometimes to my other self, my soulmate,
the one who has not been named yet.
This is my heart journey….

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