Lina Travels to Japan-Japanese people are SUPER Nice!!

I’ve never seen a nation so helpful and are so nice to me and I meant every single one of them.
Anybody, I meet be it stranger, man or woman, child or adult, old or young, everyone is super awesome!Everybody goes out of their way to help me. I felt bad at first but I remember kindness is meant to be given and well received. And I’m a good giver and receiver.

And language is of no barrier in helping others, I’ve learnt. They are just super nice. My heart goes to each and everyone of them.

And they looked so young!

 Many times, I’ve tried gauging their ages and I’m always wrong. I guessed too young cos they looked young!

Even elderly man who became my guide was 80 + and I thought he was 50. He was more agile than me in tackling those endless flights of stairs. His secret is- eat healthy and I suspect another secret is to be happy cause he never ceased to smile.

I can feel his happyness in communicating with me about everything. Even my “unfunny” jokes are very hilarious to him! Lol.

An elderly woman whom I suspect looked 60 but I think she is 90, walked all the way with me to find my public bath.

She was so worried that I might get lost after my bath. I can sensed her “conversation” with me thru out the walking journey although truthfully, my tertiary Japanese has left me ages ago in school and I know nothing or understood anything she has just communicated with me.

A man carried a whole load of supermarket goods escorted me back to my accomodation one night even though his baggage is heavy and he has no idea where we are heading until his internet map start working.

We took about 1 hour of his time in which I believed delayed his dinner time with family back home.
A couple took time to translate my temple “readings” I got thru google translation. And it took about 30minutes and yet they are happily translating word for word for me.

I’m not concerned about the future they “predicted” and translated for me. I’m concerned more for the time they generously showered on my 1 small challenge. I’m touched really.

But it was fun. More friendships were created and laughters exchanged thru out my journey.
And so many more kindness shown and bestowed upon me in which I am speechless. Its like everyone has a mission to help any damsel (me) in distress (not yet) or perhaps it’s their life mission to help anybody and everybody.

And what is this frenzy about loving cats? I love cats, but these awesome people are super crazy. I like!!! They treat their animals like humans in fact maybe better. Their pet foods are omg and the way they transport their cats and bring them shopping, it’s way cooler than a kids pram. I wished I got one too!! Everywhere, there is a cat shrine or altar or anything regarding cats.

And who says Japanese cannot speak English ? U will be surprised. No funny accent but pure British like or American like accent and intonation. They just feel shy to showcase their linguistic abilities.
I dunno but I don’t feel like coming home or go anywhere else. I felt like home even though no one understands me and me don’t really understand them. Between naked conversations and finger pointings at food menu and maps, I am easily satisfied that body languages worked perfectly fine here.

And did I tell u their countryside is omg fantabulous! The air is fresh , the local produce vegetation are so yummy, the scenery is awe-breathtakingly splendid. Everywhere is clean , especially their toilets. And foreigners always get special treatment. I looked asian, many thought I’m Filipino.
I blended so well that they thought I lived here perhaps, I’m making myself at home and confidently navigate the train stops and exchanges… until I open my mouth and spat a staggering slurred of Japanese words.hehe…

I’m having a good time here.
I like the raining season, it’s like fashion day. Bought my rain boots and my transparent umbrella. All kinds of umbrellas will be showcased on the streets. I even saw a lacy one!(I want!).
And I like that everything is on time. I may be a creative individual who might have least regards to organizing stuff but I am particular about time. Time lost is irreplaceable and so time is important to me. And Japanese is well-versed in that.

Everything I see is a work of art. They give new meaning to perfection. (I used to be a perfectionist). Their passion and minute detailing is really impressive. I take my time to ogle my way thru out the depachika and drools buckets after buckets and then go thru the many cutesy shops of colorful products in Tokyo.

The human traffic in the morning and evening did not thwart me off in fact I do feel like slamming my body in the last minute before the train doors closed but I do not want them to mail my segregated body parts back home.

I suspect I’ve grown a lil bit sluggish and expanded a bit especially the hips and tummy area. Although the food are of healthy origins, one need to have a balance in which I failed to adhere to cos the food look so omg delicious even the plastic displayed ones!

Oh well, luckily Ramadan is here to train me to hold back those “hungry lust”.
I’m blogging as I’m walking. I’m just gonna post this as it is and perhaps tomorrow or whenever I will start correcting or delete some words that are not relevant or are not appropriate. Meanwhile, indulge while I’m still giddy from exhilaration of my spontaneous trip in Japan.

I’m so happy to be here!! Thank you, dear Almighty! Alhamdulillah.


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