Lina travels-Shanghai thru my eyes

Ni hao? That is the common greeting I received in Shanghai. I didn’t know whether it’s just a polite gesture or it’s a norm to greet people that way cos when I opened my mouth to answer- “wo hen hao”. They either looked surprise or nod and smiled. That’s the end of conversation. I was expecting more. I wanted to practice my rusty mandarin.
I’m having trouble understanding their slang and the way they speak Mandarin. In between spits of phlegm (yucks!) on the streets and broken conversations with passersby and strangers, I’m having trouble to keep pace with the language, their fast pace of brisk walk and their multi tasking body languages.

To mimick them u gotta really clear ur throat out loud and as obnoxious as possible. It’s a norm for men. I have no chance of witnessing it from women.

It’s nice weather here. Warm and cold winds greeted me as I left the Pudong airport.
I’m so excited to ride on the Maglev train.

I remembered in 2008, I was a teacher of English, Maths, PE and even Science. I was a teacher of all subjects for lower primary. And I was supposed to explain this magnetic phenomenon with Maglev trains and I was very curious cos I’ve never ride on one. I promised myself that one day,I’m gonna check it out.

My international students back then, I believed would have experienced more than I did. They were able to describe to me their experiences on these super fast train. How I envy them, but today… I’m gonna give myself that gift of experience! Woohoo!

Blogging on the move….


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