Travel-In pursuit of heart happyness


This is a trip, done unintentionally. No plans to go this far. I did not see this coming
I was so focused on something else in another country but yet, I got “invited” to another country.
As I was sorting out my coins leisurely from my FFA jar (financial freedom jar), I began to notice the myriad of coins accumulated from my world travels.

Different countries, different words, different logos but for sure , everything has an intention behind it. And it’s done with pride and honour.

Oh God, what am I doing here. Such a long journey. I leave it to the Almighty to unfold what I’m supposed to learn here. Main thing is, I’m gonna enjoy the experience.

I do miss this continent though. I guess, perhaps without me knowing my heart yearns to go back to this place which I miss so much.

Been taking a course for #innerwork . Quite challenging but I’m determine to go thru the finishing line with a smile of 100% satisfaction that I’m doing whatever it takes to complete it.

My world turned upside down as I worked my inner blocks, clearance , fears, subconscious conditioning, past, present, limitations believed, and many more.

Inner work is never done. As long as we are alive, there’s always space for growth.
I hope you too take time and money to invest in your personal growth.

Have a super super awesome day!

 I know I’m gonna have a fantabulous journey here.

Fear is always there when u do something new, so it’s ok.

I embrace it.

So make a guess, where will my feet take me today?

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