Journal-Unexpected course:Soulmate love

I started this inner work journey with guidance from coaches since 2009.
Psychology has always been my strongest subject in school and especially in University. I’ve always been very curious about people. But I learnt a lot on the streets from life experiences shared during my school-work days.

Religion, Quran has always been one of my stronger pillars in life. I seek solace with the Almighty when my life gets challenged. But somehow, one of my biggest challenge uprooted everything and make me question myself.

2007-Blogging starts after 2 years of procrastination.
2008- I became a Quranic Teacher and a Hifz Student.
2009-2010: Big life Challenge.
2010- 2011: Met life and success coaches and mentors. Went thru courses that blew my mind.
End 2011-went Hajj and seek peace and tranquility. Some answers were revealed.
And so 2011-2013, I left to seek more answers. I travelled around the world unplanned. I followed where I’m intuitively felt like going. I listened to tips and hints and trust and have faith that I will be guided to the truth.

2013, I came back.
I served and commit to what I believed in serving.

2014- Is my year.
I was focusing on the Warrior Course (T.Harv Eker) and my TV dream. I was not planning to get another coach in another part of my life.

Somehow, love has always been my weakest subject. I’m easily smitten by the word. I’ve never knew there is such thing as love coach. I thought who needs love coach unless you are a loser with a capital L on your forehead (I don’t really mean that,it’s the ego who fears change reacting to it)
But nevertheless, I listened to my heart because 2014 is my year. It’s time I do what I really, really want. What makes me happy: L-O-V-E.

And so I did partake in the LOVE breakthrough course, Soulmate Love. It has been 5 weeks now and my final ones are held overseas.

This course has been very uncomfortable for me. I thought one of the out-of-this-world life coach course (ECI) was tough, this was even tougher. It delve deep inside, those unreachable hidden crevices of my soul.

It speaks about soulmate love, the one made for each of us. And the best part is, I do not have to search for him. I just need to strengthen my inner core, my true feminine energy and spirit.

It has been tough, the past few weeks. Crying is just a small part of it. And I’ve never been so scared to travel before. This time, it’s a hell lot scarier especially when I’m reaching the finishing line. All the inner blocks and walls came crashing down.

Week after week, aha – s and breakthroughs cause big changes and shift in and around my life and especially my surroundings and people.

These words from the Love Coaches kept ringing in my head:
Do you want any man or do you want the right man? Do you want to get married to just any man? Or do you wanna get married to your soulmate? because if you wanna get married to any man, it can be done in less than a week. (So true, I’ve received marriage proposals from men that completes all the Cs but the heart is not open to them)

I do not know what’s the outcome gonna be. It doesn’t matter now when and where I will meet my soulmate because I know he is already here.

He, like me are doing some inner work…and we both are ready and committed to this.

I, Lina Masrina, I am committed to soulmate love.

Ok, back to the fear…
I’ve never been so scared to travel before especially to a place I’ve been and embraced like I’m home.

Change is the reason for fear-and the body, mind and soul knew that.
I’m gonna rest my fingers, my mind for the last part of this course.
Not gonna reveal where I’m heading just yet. Still lingering around my pit stop.

My feet don’t feel like leaving for another long flight. I’m scared, really scared.

Take a deep breath and move forward, Lina.
It’s gonna be alright. You deserve this.

I hope you are doing whatever it takes to conquer your fears
 and manifest your dreams.

Love and prayers with you,

 And to me too.

P.s: Dear soulmate,I’m right here with you…

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