Journal-I am weird. So be it.

Does travelling to 37 countries made me see the world differently?

 As long as I’m happy doing it.
I’m done explaining myself.
I don’t need to prove anything to anybody.

 My destination may not be your destination.
Your destination may just be a pit stop for me.

I am comfortable in my own pace.
If you are comfortable with my pace, join me.

 If not, its ok.
Walk your own happy pace.
All is well between us.

I felt now its ok not to be understood.

 Nobody needs to understand me.
As long as I understand myself,
That is enough for me.

I felt a new surge of branding,
Emerged from every corners of my dna.
As I accept my differences,
Regardless of any judgement,
I felt strong and rooted to my being.

Japan is a good place to heal and
sow seeds of new beginnings.

 As i passed by the many acres of paddy fields,
I felt like them, the locals,

I am also planting new seeds.

 New flowers, new gardens, new colors,

new experiences
New beginning, new adventures,

new life.

So will I cover my 38th country this year?

 Will that 38th country be Korea?

-poetic blast from my mind.

You cannot see what I see. And I cannot see what you see.

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”-Helen Keller

Every travel, every journey I make, opens up a brand new door of priceless discovery. A plethora of colors of wanders surrounds it. Every journey definitely has an ounce of fear behind it.

No matter how expert I may seem, i do get jittery before every journey. I’m always excited by the unknown and what I may uncover, thus i learnt to embrace change and be adaptable.
Serendipity is my theme of travel.

 Meaning : the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. (I called it- my happy fluke.)

There are many ways of traveling. Some people travel and does not benefit from it. Some people travel and gain lots but cannot see and be in gratitude of the benefits. Some people travel and are blinded by it because they carry too much baggage physically and subconsciously. Some people travel as tourists, as the onlooker and not able to participate actively ,being with the locals.Some people travel in search of something and never seems to be able to settle down because restlessly searching. Perhaps they are unsure of what are they looking for.

I don’t really plan my travels. I let that part be mysteriously handled by the Almighty. I am always blown away by the unexpected discoveries. I just go with the flow. Freedom by nature.

This post is triggered by an accidental nudge from bedtime stories and chatters and forbidden whispers and giggles…

Many things have happened within these short period of time. My mentors taught me to make space for the good to enter my life. Got to do some clearing and then somehow, it became auto-mode that soon, I wander, did i create that vacuum cleaner or did the Universe created it for me?

Somehow, a huge chunk of clearing gets done easily as days go by sometimes without me wanting it (the dear self holds onto something she loves so much, saying goodbye is a major dread).

I’ve always been different thru out my life. Its because I choose to go thru different paths and meet different people. I mixed with many colorful people. I grew not with my own peers but sometimes with people much older or younger than me. In fact, I mixed with my parents’ friends, my grandma’s girlfriends and we hang out as if we belonged. I also hang out with my children’s friends. I’m more of a kid than a mother to them, lol.

Sometimes, I can adapt to others and understand their point of views but most times, I kept quiet and respect their perspectives. Sometimes, I just don’t want to be accomodating. That is when, I’m at war with myself and I shut down.

Sometimes, I saw the challenges that are about to pop up cos I’ve gone thru that path and I want to create shortcuts for other travelers to reach their destinations fast. But sometimes, people are adamant to walk and experience the challenges themselves because they cannot see what I see. The belief is not there because they have not gone thru it, yet.

I reckon probably of what I’ve seen and experienced thru out my life journey and world travels that allow me to see more stuff. But that can be both good and bad.

Im having difficulty explaining myself in regards to this. Its as if my mind has been expanded beyond my imagination that I can see more in every situation.

Even a fellow traveller might not able to fathom what Im rambling about because every journey is different. No two traveller sees the same thing or experience the same even though they may be on the same journey.

I can never describe to you what I have seen. Even me and my dad sometimes, see different stuff cos we are different. Although we both knew each others way of travelling, we acknowledge the fact that we look forward to different things when we travelled.

Even my mom, now that she retired from traveling solo (cos my dad always accompanies her), she sees things differently from me and she travels differently too. Of course all of us agrees that we all love mingling with the locals and be involved with them in every of our travels. But still, there are things I cannot describe unless you have been thru exact life journey and world travels and has the same thinking (mind and heart) as me. My 100% clone.Lol.

Its like my mind and heart have been unlocked and I’m given a 3D specs to see everything thru it. Or probably an Xray vision. Or a different dimension. (Of course if I start seeing dead spirits walking about, i will freak out!I dont mean that kind of

And I cannot squeeze that “expanded mind” into the old box to adapt to others limitations. I’m sorry. I can only do as much but if I squeeze any further, I will explode.

I’m a traveller. If I make a pit stop over to you, embrace me and cherish those moments because I don’t stop long and I don’t give any warning when I wanna leave.

 For now, lets embrace each others’ presence and learn from each others’ gifts.

Let’s grow as much as we can while we are still in each others experiences.


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