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Travel-Cravings before every flight.


I often have weird cravings before I fly off to another country. I do not know whether it’s the way I embrace my jitters or fears or because I’m so excited that I fear I will miss the local food?! Lol.
Anyway this time, it’s no different.

I’m so craving for crepe like thin pancakes in Singapore. And I was pampered crazily in Malaysia. But here, it’s not easy to find one, especially Halal ones.
So what did I do?

I think of the thinnest pancakes I can ever think of near my home. Lazy to go far away cos I will fly far and walk further later on. Got to reserve my energy.

And what hit me was DOSA (dosai, thosei or thosai)… a fermented crepe made from rice or black lentils batter.

And here I am in Little India. There are abundance of such stalls serving freshly made dosa especially early morning.

And guess what? I have to eat at 3 different stalls before I was satisfied.

Remember – thin crispy crepe like pancakes.

I felt like the dosa were made according to the moods of the maker. But fret not, I shall not give up.
Do refer to my Instagram on my other two attempts.

I even have my own NUTELLA jar in my bag. Lol. (Who carries a jar of Nutella wherever she goes? Me!)

P.s: Oh btw, while travelling I read a fan mail abt a newly halal-certified crepe shop in Nex mall (serangoon mrt)

Thank you, Amrit! Love ur motivational comments, tips n images!

So dear fans, u are always in my heart.
Have an awesome day, everyday!

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