Gratitude: Thank you, Mothers of the world.

Because of you, the world became a better place everyday.

Mothers are a unique species whom often practise “self sacrificing techniques ” for the happyness of her family. Often work beyond 24 hours by seven days weekly with no extra pay (some even did not get paid at all), no medical coverages, no paid vacations and no bonuses and other remuneration that often get included in our careers and professions.

Even when tired, after a hard days of work, she will put on a happy face and create dinner for her family, listen to the woes of their every day lives and then when all have fallen asleep, she continues working on either the household chores or her leftover work in the office. And then fall asleep in tiredness and so the next day begins like a routine.

Often, she has no time to herself and for herself. All because of her unconditional love for her family. Such strength and determination to make the best choices for her family’s current and future affairs.
Her work is never ending and often back breaking and that itself can create a fatigue life for her if she does not know how to take time off and care for herself.

I was burned out before once upon a time. I thought I was super woman. Doing everything on my own in super sonic mode. I neglected my beautiful self. Soon, years passed by, age sets in, im not as energised as I used to and the weariness sets foot in my domain. Burden came piling up. The more i tried to lessen it, the more it came piling up. Learn from me. Do not be like me.

This coming beautiful Mother’s Day is an opportunity for me to ask you,gorgeous Mothers out there. What is your No.1 dream? Go and make it happen. It’s time you do something for yourself. Nothing gonna stop you now. Go all out for it.

What is the No.1 thing that you always wanted to do? What makes you REALLY, really HAPPY?
Travel the world, learn to play the piano, learn a new language, try a bizarre food, whatever it is…nothing is too small or too big…

Everything is definitely possible.

And if you are looking for approval, I grant you permission to manifest your No.1 dream this coming Mother’s day.

You are definitely WORTHY.

I like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my mother who has single handedly taken care of me for years and years with no complains (i am such an ass some times). A very strong woman who has taught me so much about unconditional love and the power of self belief and confidence. Such beauty she exudes in her everyday action, and how she magnetize my dad , her soulmate from afar with her own feminine power of selfworth, grace, confidence, happyness and beauty internally and externally.

No matter how crazy my ideas can be or where I decide to travel to, whenever I want to, on my own, instead of succumbing to her fears as a mother, she is always there supporting me in my decision. No words can really express my endless gratitude from me to you, Mom. Happy Mother’s day! I love you!


P.s: if you have trouble thinking about your no.1 dream, then think about when you are at your death bed, what is the one thing you will regret not doing now? Hope that helps.
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