TV Dream -Lina meets with Ako Mustapha: One of Malaysia’s top


I’ve met Ako Mustapha before but for a brief moment. This time, we met and chatted for a longer period.

A humble and down to earth Malaysian celebrity who has been in the show business for 18 years. Not a hint of snobbishness and haughtiness was even detected.

We met and dine in IKEA KL with my awesome team. We were hungry to learn lots from this TV and Movie veteran.

Thru out our hours of conversations, he often made us laugh. From topic about food to the heart of the matter. He is not just good looking but witty as well.

At the end of our meeting, fans waited for us to finish before asking politely for pictures to be taken with AKo. He obliged willingly.

AKo followed his dream and shared with us his chronicles but his positive attitude about life and success helps him a lot.

Thank you, AKo! May all our dreams come true easily and effortlessly.

Thank you to the person involved in connecting us both. No words can express my heartfelt gratitude. I learnt lots and so did the rest of my team.

It’s getting a bit rocky at times and mighty challenging sometimes but my belief stays- Everything is definitely possible.

I just need to loosen up the reins for now.
Have a super duper awesome day, peeps!

Love ya!

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