TV Dream-Chronicles part 5: My phobia with the camera

Treat the camera like your bestest friend, Lina!
Alamak?! What?
I’m supposed to be cosy with the camera? But the camera is a thing. And I’m S-H-Y!
Get out of the closet! Remove your shyness. Be thick skinned, be bold (erm, excuse me what’s that?). I felt like I wanna pee (for the 100th time).

Ok, if given a chance to treat the camera like my soulmate . I would prefer it to be him and the him to be Jason Mraz. A celebrity who is not afraid to be his comfort self on camera and off camera.
Oh God, how come in school, I’m not shy to be on #stage ?! Always volunteering to perform #dance #act … whatever.

My face that time still same as pretty as now if not better looking now #lol (self proclaimed n motivated) but why I cannot be #muka #tembok (wall faced thick skinned) like this #Bryan (sibuk ah dia nih, sengih aja always disturbing me, making fun of me)
Okeylah someone gotta be singing me #imyours song to melt my #icy #awkwardness
I’ve got to look into the camera as if I’m looking into Jason Mraz’s eyes (but I will melt if he is really there!)

The shy blogger removes her….
To be continued…

In the video below or wherever-U look carefully at my eyes, my voice …. #sigh
This is just me testing for today’s morning wandering..

Visualize, Lina!! U r not doing ur best… If Jason Mraz is the camera, he will run!! Hahahha nah I think he will stay put and dig his nose

(P.s: Blogging thru IPhone 5 using wordpress actually quite easy- confess the wordpress dummy )

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