Travel-Human congestion at Malaysia checkpoint.


New phobia is being created now….
Phobia of people….

Since when? I love PEOPLE!!

For once I felt like I have a phobia of people.

This was my second time Feeling this way. First was when Brazil vs Malaysia in Bt Jalil stadium. I tell myself that I’m not coming back,ever.

That moment when we were to depart from stadium to go back hotel, I felt like people are not people, anymore. The moment the gates were open, the train doors open, everyone rushed in. I felt kena slammed and flatten by the “walls” of the train.

So this must be how pancakes felt or perhaps since I’m a meaty girl, the hamburger patty felt as it was pressed onto the grilled n u can hear the sizzle of the juices escaping n evaporating out.

I wished that moment, I was thinner-my fats got evaporated. Haha… Wishful thinking.

Right now, I’m blogging cos I’m “sandwiched” in Malaysian immigration towards Singapore. I felt injusticely served because there should be a notice warning me before I go n have my passport stamped.

At least I can avoid the human congestion jam n head to a hotel nearby n take a warm bath.
I don’t like to travel to n fro Malaysia on a weekend especially since I’m working on my own. My time is my freedom. People work, I holiday. I work, I also holiday. *grins.

Bryan have nicely driven me right to the CIQ entrance to head home to KL with Danial.
I bet they will reach earlier than me.

How do I feel? In the beginning, I felt stuffy and lost. As many do, cos I saw most are like standing out of the queues staring in the blank.

Are u lost? Ok, let me start again.

Bryan and Danial dropped me in immigration centre in JB central to head home while they both drove back to KL.

I was happily taking public transport until I saw 3 weird queues just outside , right after the immigration hall. I thought perhaps they have not stamped their passports yet.

Boy was I wrong.

These people are the ones who were not properly informed that they will be caught in human jam if they proceed to exit Malaysia that moment.

I have the right to know! My inner tantrum child start brawling.

In my years of innocence, I actually wanted to pay RM50 to anyone to take me out of this messyness!
Some of them hijack KL buses and Kilang buses(buses for factory fellowmen)! I tried but my lack of swiftness cos I just did a walkathon the day before and then roadtrip after that, my legs felt like jellies while my brains felt like melting.

And so I ended up walking up to the immigration hall area and start queuing up in whatever spirals of human chains.

Oh God, how did I ended up here. I know everything that I go thru has a lesson for me to learn.
If there was a walkway to Singapore , I bet we all will be walking even if I looked like some bow legged lady.

I’m not supposed to complain. So how can I improve the situation? For now my “melting” brain decided to surrender.

I hope I understood the blessings behind this event clearly. Perhaps, next time I shall bring my sleeping bag. Who knows, I can make myself comfy anywhere n everywhere.

But I like the attitude that no one try to hijack (meaning cutqueue)the human chain. Unless they are tourists. I pity the elderly and kids and the special needs people. I felt so helpless.

That is when I felt the need to own the magic wands (sungei road got or not?Perhaps Mustafa

Suddenly whoosh! I’m gone…
Ta-ta my fellow journey men!

I wished there is a feet masseuse somewhere… While I’m queuing up.

Oh and please pardon my spelling mistakes. I cannot think right… I just wanna go home.

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