TV Dream – Chronicles part 3: what do you really want?

Have you heard this….

Be careful what you wished for, it might just come true?
For me it will come true.
That’s my belief.
But when… 
That is the mystery.
So when you want something so bad, you yearn and wished and hoped. Almost every single minute of your life. And then when it is granted. I felt so shocked as if I never wished for it and then the abundance came. 
That is when it gets tricky. There were too many choices. I was wowed thru out and then I stood there, frozen. Unsure what to do, where to go, what is the right choice.
Ah-ha…. What is the right choice? Do any of us know the answer? 
Currently recce-ing in the southern part of Malaysia, backpacking, its fun, definitely backbreaking but its fun and fascinating. Im connecting the missing dots that i have neglected years back. Back then, I had a car, a cutesy KIA picanto. Driver included. (LOL. Thank you, Sha!) i just need to program my GPS, and then follow the route and feel happy and calm about getting lost. Meanwhile along the way, i will ask to stop and alight whenever I see something interesting on the road.
I did loads of research before I go. And so I shall lead. It was fun!
But now, on my two feet, as usual, travelling is my passion. Uncertainties are always welcome. 
The current weather is scorching hot. There were fires here and there. Even the ponds for prawn farming were dried up. 
We met with many challenges. I know my destination, my route up north. But now the question is, where is my pitstop? Who shall I meet? Where should I stay? I’m not the typical tourist. I love a local homely stop with locals food and flavours.
And its been years since, I really stop by and say hi.
There were many changes. I cannot remember the address, but i remembered the route.
One tip, i learnt…
Regardless what challenges we faced when we travelled, we have to know what is the outcome that we want. No what-ifs. And also at the same time, be flexible to include other plans, as and when. As long the main objectives are met.How you do it, is not a big concern. Of course it has to resonate well with your heart. There are more than 1001 ways to do it. Just let the Almighty guide you.
This is a #liveupdate…
On a bed somewhere, waiting to get out and be in the sun!
I hope you know what you want in life, because if you don’t, you will keep on spiraling until you get dizzy in life. 

You know my mantra-Everything is definitely possible. 

Choose the bestest for yourself. For a beginner, focus on one destination, one dream first. 
As a traveller in life, i wish you the best. And may our dreams be manifested easily and effortlessly. 
Remember what you think and feel, it will definitely happen. 
So stay positive and imagine the best outcome for your journey!
Where am i, now. Hmm…. 
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Remember, all these are told thru my eyes, my own life experiences. Whatever that is good from me, learn from it, share and spread it out, whatever that is not good from me, learn from it and, please, please forgive me. I am doing the bestest that I can, just like everyone else, with what I know and have experienced. 

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