TV Dream-The Chronicles part 1

Is it ever too late to have a dream? Colonel Sander was 65 when he started his KFC dream, right? ( )

All my life, I was searching for my mission in life. Why was I born? I experimented with everything I was curious about. Every career that my heart desires, I go for it.

Presently, I am very busy travelling. That is a good thing. But I do not have time to blog. That is not a good thing. And so I do my very best to update this blog in any way I can thru IPhone, IPad even when I am moving about. Whatever free time I’ve got, I blog and update the social platforms.
Right now, I have some free time. After ensuring my kids were happy and asleep, it’s time to chat with my parents thru skype, meanwhile housework need to be done simultaneously. 
After all that has been said and done, I sat in the corner of my home,on the freshly mopped floor with my iPhone in hand, blogging, sharing my thoughts in hope that whatever I’m sharing will motivate anyone to manifest their dreams no matter what. If I’m doing it, so can anyone! 
Exhaustion is beyond comprehension. I just cannot stop or else it will pile up. And soon, I’ ve got to go elsewhere.
Sometimes, I wonder-Am I crazy to do this? Why am I jeopardizing the peaceful life that I have by manifesting my dream? Am I selfish to disrupt my kids life by taking off to manifest this dream? What kind of a mother am I? 
And then, the BIG worry comes. I cannot even support myself properly, how can I support my kids and now with manifesting my dreams, suddenly I am responsible for my team who has families to support too. 
Sometimes, I got angry at my CEO (aka God the Almighty). It’s like… are the challenges not enough for me to handle? Of course in moments of spitefulness (astaghfirullah), with hot tears streaming down my cheeks, also I felt like I’m the only one against the world or something… I say -Bring it on!!
Of course when I’ve calmed down, I know that everything happens for our own good. CEO always have my back and HE always give us the bestest way. 
I do not care anymore why people think I want to manifest this TV dream . It could be fame, money whatever. It’s enough that I know my intentions, my closest ones knew it too. But mainly, I know everyone deserves whatever they dream of. No questions asked.
This dream has always been in my head. I wrote it often years back. I just do not have the courage to pursue it. Or perhaps, I do not really know what I want, back then.
As I meet more and more enlightening warriors of life, I was taught to OWN my dream. 
Anyway, I was taught to focus on my end result, my goal , my destination . Do not focus on -the HOW. That one, I have to leave it to my CEO.
It was not easy. I thought it was easy .
From an idea, to action. I thought someone will handle everything for me.
I have no clue whatsoever that the journey is different from what I have in mind.
I remember I was having a conversation with a local celebrity friend till 5 am in the morning. I told her to do whatever she dreams of. I said if she wants to be popular internationally, go ahead. I will support her. 
But never did I imagined me doing what I encouraged her to do.
My mind is clouded right now. 
I need to sleep. The clock showed that it’s 2.20am. 
It’s weird. From a blogger who is still learning about entrepreneurship. Suddenly out of a whirlwind, I ended up having my own media company in Malaysia just to manifest this dream.
I thought I’m on my own, suddenly I got 4 leaders who saw the BIG picture and agree to walk with me on this journey.
From day 1, it was not easy. I am a beginner. I am open to learning. What my mentor said is true; The true entrepreneur is one who just do it and adapt. 
Stop procrastinating. Just start the engine and go. Regardless of what the outcome is. Just do it. 
I have been doing just that. Whatever is thrown to me, I just take it in my stride. No time to be wishy washy. I’m no longer alone . If I crashed into the wall, only me will be injured.But not anymore, these awesome people who have hopes and walks with me in manifesting this dream, is a responsibility I take to heart. 
Everytime I stumble and fall, I look up. It makes me smile. The abundant sky always calm me down. It’s like telling me- Everything is gonna be alright.
The best part is when I fall, I cried as per normal but then I begin to notice that escalators, lifts and rockets will be revealed to me (like a hidden door) and they will escalate me up higher than ever, before. 
Challenges never cease to amaze me with the abundance of blessings behind them.
To be continued…
Remember, all these are told thru my eyes, my own life experiences. Whatever that is good from me, learn from it, share and spread it out, whatever that is not good from me, learn from it and, please, please forgive me. I am doing the bestest that I can, just like everyone else, with what I know and have experienced. 

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