Travelogue-School is out…

The kids get to go to work with me.

I bring my kids everywhere I go if I can. So far, they have travelled to one third of the destinations I’ve travelled to.

The kids have been persuading me to bring them on a road trip. I have not been travelling with them for 2 months and they are restless. Eventually,  i think, why not, bring them to work?

 As I was dining with them during one of the road trips we have recently, the chicken rice staff started to converse with me while he was having his break.
I love to travel cos you never know who you are gonna meet. And what life gems they are gonna share with you. 
It was just a polite way of saying hi but eventually, life stories spill out of this elderly mouth. He does not look like an elder. In fact, he looked so fit and strong just like any man in his forties.
He shared his life challenges and his secret to his energised youthful look. Staying happy everyday is a norm but one thing he always do, he tells himself to be young and energised everyday because he has many things not accomplished yet.
He looks forward to his everyday with a powerful intention, to live life with a purpose. To keep going no matter what just so he can accomplished what he sets his mind to do everyday.
Look, he is not some graduate who speaks a fluent English. He spoke with a mixture of chinese, malay and some English in one sentence. He confessed that he does not have a high education background.  His kids have all grown up, in their twenties. He spoke with much confidence about life and also about his recent teeth loss and aging demeanor.
What I’m saying is that. It does not matter what books we read, how high our education is, how polished our manners are, what our background is, what challenges we meet and what age we are in, if we want to succeed, we already know how.
My kids were goofing around with each other but I noticed they were eavesdropping on our unexpected conversation. I hope they learnt as much as i do from the people we meet everyday.
Parents often told us not to speak to strangers. I told my kids, if they converse with you, why not? Even as young as two, my boys started saying hi to everyone they meet. 
The city that I grew up in has many mixture of Europeans, Americans expats, overseas labour, backpackers, tourists and locals. Its a norm, to say hi to each other. To smile to strangers is a must.
I still have not figured out life, fully. 
I believe life has to be tasted raw. And to do that, it has to have a foundation of happyness and love. Unclothe all the unnecessary worries, we all want the same thing. 
If you can have absolute everything in this world, what do you want?
How will you live your life different?
Sometimes, I wonder…
Will i able to lead a peaceful life in an island with my soulmate and kids? Away from the hustle bustle of the city? Or will my feet started to wander by themselves because that is who I really am?
Who does this anyway? Why can’t I just keep still? 
As i got lost in my array of internal conversations, I noticed this angmoh backpacker beside me. His bag is huge with colourful flags of countries sewn to it, boldly and with pride. 
I turned my head and say hi.
A new conversation is born, another person is known….
To be continued.

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