Travelogue – is there more to life?

Here I was in the smoggy morning. The haze has grown worse. I looked around. What’s my itinerary? Not everyone can travel without an itinerary. I can. Not knowing what to do there, creates some form of excitement, unusual curiosity is blossoming. 

I made friends with the locals. I asked questions, I snooped around. I followed them around, listening intently in hope they can shed some wisdom on life itself. Life… that has so many mysteries in it.
As I sat amongst the retirees, I noticed that their faces looked younger than their age revealed. Their faces were aglow in some form of happyness. I wonder what’s their secret. 
Today, this fishing village is not active. I asked why. They said that they do not feel like going fishing. I like that kind of attitude. Don’t feel like it, don’t do it. Just relax and have a break.
I compare my life in Singapore to this village in Malaysia. Time passes so fast in Singapore, days become weeks, soon, another year is over. 
Over here , I adjusted my life like the locals. Keeping up with the much slower pace. 
At first I was restless. I kept looking at the watch. I kept glancing around for things to do. I cannot keep still, doing nothing.
Heck, I cannot even relax in my soaking moments in the sea, river whatever nature has in store for us. My mind was often plaqued by things to do, the future, the present and what to improve in reference to the past events. Its constantly busy. The mind chatters is never ending, often continuous blabbering. 
What has happened to me? What meditations (prayers, dhikr etc) have taught me previously, the inner peace has gone. I cannot command my mind to stop. I cannot seems to be in control.
The beauty around me seems unnoticed in my noisy world. 
I cannot do this. I must stop and enjoy the NOW moment. This will pass and i cannot get it back, ever. 
Why is there such big gaps in our life? Is it because of our lifestyle? Is it because we choose what we want? Or we allow ourselves be drowned by the trend of chasing after the material world? Or we allow ourselves be controlled by the limited time? Or perhaps all these are just figment of our own imagination, our thoughts and feelings.
Is there more to life than just work, work, work, come home, eat, and sleep and then go to work the next day. Is that what life is? 
I talked to a father in a city once.I told him that my parents allow us, kids to do what we want as long as we are happy. He said BUT, a degree and a job with constant salary is important in order to survive life. Main thing, face value too place a big part. 
I respect his views because we all have our own perspectives and experiences.
But isn’t life about being happy? And doing what we love?
Is life about sacrificing all that just because of what our loved ones have done for us? And so the debt has to be repaid, until when? Until our death bed? 
On your death bed,will you regret not accumulating the wealth or proving your worth to people who don’t matter or will you regret not doing what you love and being happy? 
But seriously, what does life means to you?
Are we stuck just cos we learn the wrong subjects in school and work in that scope just so that our money spent on our degrees are worthwhile? Or are we stuck cos we believe we got limited abilities and that is the only thing we know how? Are we stuck cos we know that the only way to sleep in peace is to sell our time by working 8-12 hours daily just to make ends meet? Are we stuck cos we got to prove our worthiness to the world who do not even recognise our existence? Are we stuck cos we do not like to lose in a society that is hoarding loads on status and money? Are we stuck cos we do not have the courage to manifest our dreams? Are we stuck cos we do not know what we really want? Are we stuck cos we do not know that we deserve what we always dreamed of? Are we stuck in filling that emptyness with instant gratification just for that moments of pleasure? Are we stuck in constantly making others happy but never for ourselves? Are we stuck….?
Back to the retirees, they were smiling often. They told me that they are grateful for their simple life. They do not want complications. Simple is good. In fact, they do not care about the internet world or the chaos outside. 
I walked around. I saw two youths arranging the big fishes to dry in the blistering sun. I said hi and enquire about their tasks. They answered me happily. I walked more and noticed a fishermen was mending his net and at the same time, he cracked some jokes about my prosperous figure. I LOL, nearly ROTRL (roll on the river laughing) .
At night, i enjoyed the abundance of their freshwater river. The fresh stingrays were barbecued beautifully. I opt for no chili that night. I wanted everything to be steamed or grilled plain. I wanted to enjoy the sweetness of the seafood. 
I was soon accompanied by many families of myriad races. To see their happy faces and chatters, i felt so blessed to be there. This is what life is all about.
Happyness and love.
Its simple.
This village people are very happy. 
I love to stay here.
Signing out,
With love,
(Freshly blogged at10.41pm, 14/3/14 Southern Malaysia)

Remember, all these are told thru my eyes, my own life experiences. Whatever that is good from me, learn from it, share and spread it out, whatever that is not good from me, learn from it and, please, please forgive me. I am doing the bestest that I can, just like everyone else, with what I know and have experienced. 
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